Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bond Scam - COPE and all the Bull Shit

While I said in this Blog on 12 January 2015 not to put Arjuna Mahendran in a compromising situation due to his son in law's investment in the largest Bond Trader in Sri Lanka, no one listened then. So he was appointed the Governor of CBSL. We know what happened, but do we?


The rest is mere garbage, which is innuendo by people who have an agenda, which unfortunately the General Public Embraced as Gospel from that point. Nothing that the Govt. does to convince otherwise will or has worked and that is why we have to deal with it after 18months, when it should have been clarified, put to bed, and file closed within two weeks of the allegation surfacing. 

Sri Lanka has paid a HUGE PRICE for the lies that Press have put out which are EASY for people, especially for the people who think they know! to believe. This is where the brain is not talking but the heart. IT MUST HAVE HAPPENED NO!  NO IT DID NOT HAPPEN. If only people knew that father-in-law and son-in-law have NO relationship at all, except one married the others daughter, and that is all to it, not more that the people have tried to pin. 

READ ON to go back to basics, as we have now lost the wood from the Trees and the poor UNP MPs have got their knickers in a twist trying to placate ignorant UNP followers before they can preach to their foes.

I am sorry to have to go through this but most of the commentators have yet to enter pre-school, so they have to be reminded of the procedures and reality, and the facts that have so far come to light.

I am sure the readers know that COPE is merely a collection of MPs of the Parliament of Sri Lanka and in this case tasked with investigating if a crime took place on the so-called BOND SCAM. So what they report is their opinion that is merely a political viewpoint, whether you are JVP, UNP, SLFP, TNA or JO! 

So please don't have high expectations, even though they have sworn the take an oath they really don't understand what that means, due to their level of education. Example being taking duty free vehicles, let alone selling them for a profit, that go completely against the SPIRIT of the Oath!

What they recommend is their opinion. It is up to the Attorney General who knows what can be done within the Law of Sri Lanka to determine under which section of the penal code a prosecution can be made IF FORCED to as in this case. 

A criminal prosecution is what the General Public are screaming for, despite the lack of convictable evidence, the AG will probably use a Public Property line where there is a NON-bailable charge and arrest (remember it is still a Kangaroo Court when you do not have evidence and politics determines arrest) and bring before a Magistrate's Court, and will be remanded for say 2 weeks!

Here you cannot just arrest the Directors of Perpetual, you  have to have complicity, this is ONLY one side of a transaction. You have to arrest the former Governor,(you will not find any evidence of him financially benefiting) or a senior Member of the Central Bank who has leaked this information(You can find evidence of financial benefiting). Then all hell will break loose because the TRUTH will finally come out. It is the Central Bank STUPID who is wholly to blame for making an ass of themselves, by allowing a company to bid on Bonds THEY OFFERED at a high rate of interest.( All along you have found the bidder guilty, not the auctioneer! How Come?) 

Remember all this is done openly, and the facts are all there for all to see, with plenty of witnesses. It is the "law of the jungle" of the PUBLIC that is leading to this Kangaroo situation, and clear distraction from the real corruption that takes place each and every day. Think of the corrupt people, who must be laughing all the way to the Bank seeing this charade, that the Public have now sadly INFLICTED on themselves to feel good.

It is then for the AG to search for the evidence that is admissible in a Court, and you can be sure he will ONLY do so if he can find sufficient incontrovertible evidence. That is NOT the circumstantial likelihood that JO Public is implying took place!

Eventually the case will be dropped for lack of evidence, unless someone can actually prove beyond reasonable doubt that insider trading occurred.

Then Perpetual and its directors will sue the AG's office, Central Bank and the Media for about Rs10B for false imprisonment and defamation of character, because of the trumped up charges the poor AG is forced to make, despite his better judgement, due to the BAYING OF THE CRETINOUS GENERAL PUBLIC!

If you are a reasonably intelligent person with a modicum of knowledge of the law, you will think about it, before coming to your own conclusion. You don't have to believe a word I say, just rationalize the facts and make up your mind. This is NOT an emotional reaction, merely what can and cannot be done.

PRESIDENT SIRISENA - You now understand I hope why the Bribery Commission or the FCID have not brought out a case on this issue. For lack of evidence! I don't have to remind you of this today. Your legal advisers if they were worth anything should have told you that over a year ago, and we are still dragging this story when more urgent matters are left undone. 


The TRUTH ALWAYS fails to connect with the people, who have been brought up on a dose of lies, and that applies to the Politicians, Legal Fraternity, Public Servants, Media, and Academia, so how can we expect any better from the General Public.


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  1. Funny how you only want proof when it's the UNP who has stolen the money. But willing to imprison Mahinda on any made up allegation.. ROFL