Thursday, October 13, 2016

W A Wijewardena – a loose canon that must be muzzled for the sake of society!

When there is freedom of expression, journalistic ethics determines that it is used responsibly for the sake of the society at large, and those taking undue advantage for a personal psychological shortcoming of theirs must be suppressed.

Too many fools who think they are holier than thou, have been duped by WA and his pronouncements. Today, those who continue to give him airtime and press time have failed to their homework and must also be punished.

Just ask Nivaard Cabral, not the most creditable of people, but here has a point. He foresaw how much WA hated him, for getting the job WA coveted as Governor, but who never had the holistic vision for the job to benefit the Country. You only have to read his pronouncements on his weekly page in the FT know what kind of psycho you are dealing with.

Then it was Nivaard he hated with a passion for the wrong reasons by the way, and that resulted in all CBSL staff being instructed to boycott any event in which where he, who had retired due to age, speaks or has a podium role in!

This hate transferred to Arjuna Mahendran, and was handed the BOND scandal, which Mahendran was never a party to, for him to hang the new Governor out to dry. He was unable to disassociate the two, because of the relationship, and nothing else. It was more than likely that this Bond issue would have taken place under another Governor too, but he appears deaf to that possibility, if another Governor had reverted to an auction procedure. Next it will be Indrajit Coomarasawamy, give him a few more months of air time for that, unless he is sent out to pasture to end his days in the fields.

The latest hate campaign of a psychologically challenged individual is the hate campaign, using the enabling of Faraz Aly of News First, to allow unrestrained salacious allegations on air that Perpetual Treasuries (PT) had actually made Rs10B profit. In fact if they did, they would be the first to disclose it as it is not currently taxable under current taxation law, but maybe taxed in future if the law is changed.

Realistically it is the jokers who are in charge of the CBSL, supposedly Sri Lankas best brains, but in reality a bunch of prima donnas, who are NOT held accountable for their mistakes, who have enabled PT to make such gains. They simply don’t know how best it is for SL to meet its financing requirements having to pay the lowest interest rates possible. Don’t blame PT for taking advantage of the incompetence of the CBSL staff. 

It is a fine how do you do to find fault with clever trading, and NOT to haul over the coals, the CBSL public debt department for incompetence of treasury management that is their primary task!

If you want my opinion, the competition is weak, and that is the fault of the CBSL pandering to the clearing banks allowing them to make super profits, from the unreasonably high spread, leaving them risk averse to bond trade and will actually in the case of the BOC willing to lend huge amounts to PT to take the risk that the BOC is unwilling to take! Frankly the CBSL and WA should have requested that the Bond Dealers are up to par, and put in simple English they are IDIOTS!

SO Faraz Aly of the Sirasa, and Nisthar Cassim of the FT, your pomposity and arrogance has got the best of you! It is time you pay for your cavalier attitude in allowing as arrogant has been air space and media space to vent his hallucinating hyperbolae.

Obviously you both have fallen under the influence of a crafty charlatan, who continues to use his past credentials to pursue a personal agenda.

It is time he removes himself from personal vilification on matters he knows nothing about, and concentrates on either his new private sector Higher Education Institute that has a lot of pecuniary rewards for himself, or retreat to restful retirement.

In truth, we must not allow people too much airtime, when their credentials on the topic become blurred for personal reasons. Here the Editors of the FT and Newsfirst must be held to task. It is time to out rogues like Nisthar Cassim who use their lofty position for personal gain. How can people steal from their companies without shame?

The reading and listening public are also gullible. They must be more selective in how they use their sources, and who they believe. They must try to distinguish right from wrong, and it is difficult in Sri Lanka due to the check book journalism that is practiced, with NO journalist of standing today. It is time for new ethics, blood and objective reporting, and journalism rising to a true profession, with better rewards for objective and verifiable reporting.

There MUST be some serious legal action to reign in these pompous grandees of the last century from continuing their destruction in this century where they do not belong, but for these ENABLING OPPORTUNISTIC CRIMINALS in white shirts


  1. Link to the WA Wijewardena extolling trumped up hyperbola

  2. There was some place public where he said he was asked to be the Governor, and he turned it down. I can confirm that he was NEVER offered this position. He MUST be hallucinating, and sadly there are even people still in the Central Bank who believe his lies.

    He is frankly out to lunch and it is time he is exposed for what he really is.