Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Final Debate – A verdict – Neither deserve to be POTUS

If this was the best the USA can do in 2016, should I say, may God help the USA or the WORLD! It was purely and simply a disgrace.

Even Sri Lankan political arguments have more content and coverage. No problems really resolved, and as the Candidates positions on the 2nd Amendment (The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms) and on Abortion were clearly well known and so were NOT worth even being asked. There was NO give or take on this at all. Then when it came to the allegations of Sex abuse, Trump said what was expected, that it was all made up by Hilary’s team, or that the accusers wanted their 10 minutes in the limelight, and so were NOT true and not worth commenting! As for Hilary with Bill’s sexual proclivities, she simply dodged the subject big time, and Trump let her off the hook, to his credit or his downfall, depending on which side you are on.

As for Isis, it was trading insults with the Don implying Hilary created ISIS, by leaving a vacuum in Iraq, and Hilary on the other hand using his Russian bait as cover.

Frankly, on Mosul, on Aleppo, and the Middle East in general it was clear that Hilary was on the defensive as she really had NO real suggestions of what the US should do, bearing in mind, that Russia, now has the upper hand, definitely backing Assad, while the US has NO BODY to hand their hat on. Even the Saudi action in Yemen is an embarrassment to US policy.

While much has been hyped by the donkeys in the Media, about Trump saying he is leaving everyone in suspense, on whether he will accept the result of the election, it is assumed that Clinton will win. He is right NOT to get into unnecessary answers to questions, as ANYTHING can happen between now and November 8th and if Trump wins, why does he have to bother even answering if the Clinton camp cry foul?

Trump can only rise from this debacle and Clinton can only fall further with people’s resentment of the campaign ads that will be her downfall, and not her rise. 

It is therefore important that the campaign remains civilized, and press do not harp on about the Trump accusers and his treatment of women, as that has NO bearing on who should be POTUS, and if he is unfairly attacked for a known human failing, many previously Hilary friendly voters are going to switch sides, if her campaign gets nasty, living up to her moniker of NASTY HILARY! 

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