Monday, October 24, 2016

Two avoidable deaths in Jaffna – The police still have a lot of work to do to improve their image

It is very sad that the first instincts subsequent to the killings was to cover it up. It shows how stupid some people in the Police Force are, and their inability to comprehend that this was NOT an option in 2016, as it is NOT MARA on top!

Secondly, this cover-up and later intervention by the PRESIDENT to overturn the obvious inconsistencies, has put the reputation of the Police Force on its 150th anniversary back into the gutter, despite the strenuous efforts of the IGP to build a moral case of “matters are now different” which he has pledged to uphold.

Thirdly, there is NO reason why the POLICE should even shoot at a pair in a motor-bicycle because they were NOT a threat, and if true simply disobeyed an order to stop. It sickens me when people like Nishantha Warnasinghe use some other example where suspects were shot in a bygone age where security was a problem with a war going on as justification for this in 2016, no matter whether it is in the South or North. 

The fact that it was Jaffna, and two Tamil undergraduates merely heightens the angst especially amongst the Tamil population as yet another instance of POLICE use of excessive force. Who can contradict that, even if it was not meant to be and NOT TRUE?

Frankly for the Daily Mirror to even report on Mervyn Silva’s opinion on the manner was poor judgment as the man is damaged goods, who is incapable of making a worthy contribution to such a debate.

The attack of two Govt. intelligence services officers in Chunnakam, soon thereafter adds more spice to the story, with NO clear explanation of what they were doing there, and that too is to the Govt.’s discredit!

It is time we get a grip on this and ensure that justice is done, without delay, which demonstrates the Govt.’s commitment to Good Governance, and showcase to the world that they will NOT tolerate ANY indiscretion amongst the forces who are duty to bound to uphold the law. 

Ironically it was the Forces that encouraged Tamil youth to indulge in alcohol, so that they become dependent, who now due to that weakness have let themselves be killed by the self same apparatus. It is also time the Tamil community stop playing politics and help the people they represent. Serious consideration MUST be given to how policing is done. We must rule out the fact that these Police Officers at their post were NOT also inebriated, so that their judgement was compromised in this stupid behaviour that lead to the death of two young people. A life is a life, and we MUST not allow death as inevitable, due to carelessness on anyone's part. 

What if the youth were NOT inebriated and still chose not to stop at that late hour? Imagine if you are Tamil and are asked to stop by Sinhala Police in Jaffna at that hour. Your judgment may say better not stop, as they are likely to harass, drunk or not. Put yourself in their shoes for once, something all potential aggressors MUST do in being able to evaluate a situation. Clearly the weapons were with those who used it, and so they were in a dominant role of power, not fighting a hidden enemy. Their lack of training and discretion clearly shows.

SWIFT JUSTICE is the only way to save face in this issue, as the perpetrators do not appear to want to tell the truth for some reason. DO NOT LET IT FESTER, because it can only lead to MORE UNPLEASANTNESS and there are many who wish to use this as an excuse to inflame passions for their benefit.

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