Monday, October 31, 2016

The worst crime is to use your supposed intellect to fool! Others or Yourself

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people we thought were beyond reproach, in terms of moral character, and commonsense are in fact charlatans!

Into this cacophony of voices, I must add the likes of Eran Wickremaratne, Harsha de Silva, Ajith Perera all Ministers in the present Government.

The first law that must be amended is the life tenure of Government Servants who cannot be sacked! It is this fact of devastating LIFERS that has ruined this Country, with incompetent Govt. Servants who cannot be gotten rid of that is affecting every aspect of public life, especially in cleaning up corruption that is rampant amongst them, and then the inefficiency  which is only second to corruption. This should start with getting rid of everyone in the Central Bank from deterrring others to join to steal. Not one person has mentioned the possibility of this being the source of the BOND SCANDAL.

In the past week they have all pontificated on the COPE report, and have made wild and unsubstantiated statements to the media, merely to play to the Gallery and in that have also become believers in their own lies, as coming out with the truth somehow does not look good in the eyes of the people they represent, who are to put it mildly without a FRONTAL LOBE.

These people who one would have given credence to, now have joined the devoid of the frontal lobe majority, leaving it to posterity to prove them wrong on all counts of their posturing on this issue.

Why oh why has everyone NOT been able to clear up a procedural error that lead to a mammoth loss of revenue to the Government and NOT blame a sharp enterprise that was able to benefit from that error of judgement. If they colluded it has to be from within the Central Bank surely.

To fall into the trap of finding fault with people who make money, and of whom EVERY TRANSACTION is carefully scrutinized by the Central Bank Supervision Department, is plain CRAZY.

Why is it that a Company is singled out for belittlement and accusation of fraud? How can you defraud the Central Bank? It is only the Central Bank that can defraud itself by making BAD DECISIONS.

YOU JUST CANNOT BLAME AN OUTSIDE PARTY, in this case a Primary Dealer for the sins of omission or commission on the part of the Central Bank.

Why is it so hard to blame the CENTRAL BANK for making a mistake, willful or foolishly?

Let us say there was collusion, then it is the Governor who should be singled out, and the Company ONLY once the evidence is CLEAR that the Governor or any other member of the Central Bank was colluding. Why is it so hard to make that connection or find the proof? Surely the bank balances and assets of all Central Bankers MUST be open to inspection and questioning if there was something discovered that was not legitimate.

I repeat that every transaction of the Primary Dealers are scrutinized, and they have to submit MONTHLY accounts to the CBSL, and so nothing that comes out is a surprise. By tomorrow, the CBSL will know if Perpetual Treasuries has made a Billion last month. Say they have, and it is leaked, these dumb three aforementioned Ministers will say it is fraudulent and the money should be confiscated. ON WHAT GROUNDS? Keep on dreaming.

If they make such a ridiculous statement, then there is NO HOPE for Sri Lanka, as no one is allowed to make money using their own clever trading instincts, which obviously this triumvirate of brain dead politicians don't have, as they cannot even recognize the possibility of such.

There is some mismatch in our society, where profit seems to be a bad word in Sri Lanka. If that is so, then there is NO incentive for anyone to go out of their way to make a company successful, as it is frowned upon, and therefore you will NOT find anyone wishing to invest in a Country with such a sick mentality. In the end the Govt, will not get any Revenue as you have to have profits to tax, as losses cannot be taxed and revenue raised. A country can only survive if people actualy make profits.

How can anyone say, that after so much inquiry, there is still a possibility of fraud on the part of Perpetual Treasuries? Pray on what grounds? It is a sheer callous assumption, with NO possibility of evidence either.

I know that in this instance it is NOT popular to tell the truth, when the majority of people believe lies, and so to go against the grain is considered too risky. It is time for them to accept this statement and come clean, rather than follow the herd to their inevitable annihilation.

In CONCLUSION it is wholly repugnant for someone to accuse someone of doing something wrong, without exactly explaining with certainty what this wrong, or crime is. If intelligent, or actually supposedly intelligent MORONS persist in making this kind of statement, without the logical tail of explaining exactly what the misconduct is, is tantamount to the JO and others mouthing off on topics they know nothing about.

So I conclude that we do not have anyone in our Parliament with a modicum of common sense or brain to know where they have erred and accept their incompetence with dignity, and continue to persist in hiding their incompetence by making ever more unbelievable allegations, using their bully pulpit of expert authority in the manner!

The Media is complicit in going this route, of MASS PUBLIC MISINFORMATION


Time for mass removal of all in Parliament and replacement with a wholly new set to get the Country moving again.

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