Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All other BOND Traders have worse reports, why have they NOT been LEAKED?

The Central Bank Supervision Departments have a standard checklist they use when on their field visits to check the compliance of their guidelines. All Primary dealers were subjected to the same rigorous standards. PERPETUAL’S was the best, so why haven’t the others been leaked? It was simply a case of an internal vendetta of sour grapes of disgruntled Govt. Servant Rajapakse appointee wanting to make a political statement, that is all.

So even old and Nasty, waanabe governor but can never be - WA Wijewardena fell for it, see link below:

It is this kind of one-sided journalism that makes Sri Lanka a laughing stock amongst serious players, that NO ONE wants to even invest in Sri Lanka due to a regime of bash the meritocrat! Any company in Sri Lanka that is successful, MUST somehow be doing something wrong! Come on what about those that steal and so don’t show success in its results, they are all over the place, and hide their profits from prying eyes, just to avoid this media exposure. It is those who play by the  book that are hauled up and not the crooks. A case in point being, where the Inland Revenue Offices hassle those with a Tax File and don’t go after those who don’t even have one, and should! When idiots rule ALL arms of Govt. what do you expect?

Once JOE public know the truth, they will look at PERPETUAL in a perpetually different light.

Lately there has been too much second guessing backed up with NO facts, and that is BAD journalism. Perpetual is legally obligated, based on their primary dealer license to disclose profits within 6 months of the end of the accounting year.

What will the same jokers who are pontificating today, say when they make a Rs10B profit next year? Will they conjure up some other far fetched story, which is NOT corroborated by the pathetic media in Sri Lanka? Worse, Colombo Telegraph which once was a stout defender of journalistic freedom, seem to be the incubator of the worst type of journalism in the world today, that does not corroborate the facts and is unable to weigh the merits of each case.

The Sri Lankan Universe is sadly littered with so many ignoramuses and cretins, pontificating on subjects they know nothing about, and so intelligent discourse is NOT possible, with the 225 MPs in Parliament being the most vengeful cretins!

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