Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh How ignorant art thou? General Public!

The ignorance of the General Public is so massive, that they seem to fail to understand that anything coming out of COPE is merely political, from politicians, bent on reinforcing a political agenda, and therefore CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN THE SRI LANKAN CONTEXT

Once the public have already made up their minds on a subject they know nothing about, but which people they appear to trust are pontificating on, it is all the more important that at least the people they trust do actually report the truth. When the media in their blissful ignorance have opined otherwise, the truth gets lost.  They maintain this was a huge daylight robbery perpetrated against the state, SO people, and especially educated people who should at least have a brain to understand between the lines on something as simple as a bond trade, chose NOT to, and take as fact the opinions of cretins in the Media, so full of themselves but full of BS (BULL SHIT OR BOND SCAM take your pick).

In the Bond Scam issue, it is lies piled up upon lies, so much so that the actual crooks, those gentlemen or people at least pretending to be gentlemen, the lifers who serve for life in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL FOR SHORT) get off scot free.


IF the auctioneer is the fraud, how can you blame the person who bids, even if he is the only person who bids, and especially if he bids for more items than that on offer. It is up to the auctioneer  to determine if he has some extra stuff hidden, which he wants to give at the same price or not.

It is mind boggling to lay the blame on a person who buys at an auction, and then sells the product for twice that on the next day, to say they should be arrested for making a profit. Actually it is the auctioneer who should be arrested.

The politicians have failed to explain this simple concept, and the intellectual snobs have subscribed greatly to this ignorance, as they are livid that someone can make so much money in a few minutes based on buying and selling bonds. What happens when they lose money? (Serves them right mentality prevails!)

This automatically makes them green with envy, coming to the conclusion that they somehow indulged in some foul play or MUST HAVE BROKEN THE LAW.

I know in the end this will come to nothing as there is NO break in the law, except in technicalities of exceeding borrowing limits etc. for which small fines can be levied, and that too due more in part to the lax behavior of CBSL employees also known as (aka) lazy babies with a grudge.

This is an appeal to the people who have a little bit of common sense left, to ask oneself, how someone can defraud the Central Bank in the purchase of Bonds, as it is the Bank that decides every aspect of the BOND - Namely the Price, the term, the amount, the interest rate, and who to allocate it to!



  1. lol... another UNP stooge giving his BS. no one believes u ppl anymore dude.. people learnt their lesson.

  2. I agree there are NO reasoned people with a modicum of knowledge. The only item I might add to your statement is if there was insider information, then the person INSIDE the Central Bank MUST be found out as they are probably still inside! Unless they are found out there is NO justice.

  3. All the intelligent people who can think have left Sri Lanka, due to this Island mentality and envy when the smart guys make money out of the stupidity of the Sinhalese.

    After all CBSL has many Sinhala types who don't have a brain, but have a PhD and is a substitute for a brain in their minds. They just do not have any common sense to manage a simple auction like this.