Thursday, October 13, 2016

“Sirisena, aiyo Sirisena”

Reports, can be true and then again maybe false, that President Sirisena is most upset with the FCID, PRECIFAC , CID and Bribery Commission over the arrest of Ghotabhaya Rajapakse and three former Navy Commanders over the Avant Garde case. Why I know not, due to their obvious involvement in conduct outside the law of the land, but then Sirisena has another world view it seems! Or is it?

If the report is in fact true, were they made recently at an event honoring service men for gallantry, or at another event, where retired service personnel from all 4 services have been asked to return to help the motherland in its development effort, and so just an off the cuff remark to boost their sagging morale?

Let us figure out the pros and cons of this argument. Yes, we mere onlookers have no insider information on how the FCID and others, choose who to prosecute, which cases bear merit for immediate prosecution, which need further investigation before being brought to court etc. Remember for all the guffaws, under Yahapalanaya you are innocent until PROVEN guilty, so investigations take a long time, and we are not in a WHITE VAN MARA era anymore, though many cretins in Sri Lanka still wish we should be living under such out of control maniacs!

We can therefore only assume that there is fair play, by people the President has appointed from the recommendation of the PM. As if to add spice to the story Namal Rajapakse claims to have said that some investigating officers were worse criminals than those they are prosecuting! 

Speak for yourself first for even talking I would say, as he still holds on to his attorneys license, obtained fraudulently, where if it was applied universally, every Sri Lankan would be an attorney! Further he has a litany of crimes that are currently under investigation, having done so much harm to people, second only to his father, neither of whom cohorting as lawyers can see their behavior as criminal, when the rest of the world can.

There was another story that the President was making these allegations, to protect his political survival. He must have paid heed to overstated allegations that people who saved this country from LTTE terrorism have been selectively chosen to be attacked by rogue LTTE elements in the Govt. taking the upper hand. In Human Psychology this is common amongst insecure, incompetent or untrustworthy people, so there you are!

I remember that Lacille de Silva was removed from was it FCID secretary role, some time ago, but no real reason was given. Was he also too conscientious in following the letter of the law? Sirisena is trying to balance political alliances that have selective amnesia for law breaking.

This may also have something to with Intelligence Service Officers who have been remanded for murder of Thajudeen and Lasantha Wickrematunga from instructions from above, where the cases are still pending for more evidence. We don’t know if these same officers are under threat NOT to disclose who gave them the kill orders, as some have mixed up who they should be loyal to, man or country!

We must not forget that Sirisena is in a difficult spot as he was collectively responsible for the MR Fatwa, as in collective decision making of the Cabinet, and so is indirectly liable for the crimes of the previous regime, and is ONLY painfully too aware of this fact.

The bottom line here is, IS he just another traitor of the Country, like MR?
I believe our politicians have LOST sight of what is in the Country’s interest and what is in their personal/political interest of survival. Here the President MUST put his personal agenda aside and work for the Country, he is sworn to govern, those with him and those against him. He has NOT matured to that level YET.

However flawed Ranil Wickremesinghe is, he must stick with him to whom he owes his whole political survival and present position till 2020. All bets are off after that point, but we need some stability at least to return to equilibrium, and growth is NOT what we should aim at, as that only happens if other factors are FAVORABLE. Let us NOT stoop to the level of the Rajapakses anymore in justifying our action. We have progressed from that point now.

Let us remind ourselves that it is the forces that won the war, whose leadership be it Gota or Fonseka is questionable. They are both highly flawed characters, neither of whom accept their inadequacies but were needed for specific tasks they fulfilled.

Getting back to Sirisena, he MUST stop trying to play honest broker, which will only destabilize the political system that must run unhindered till 2020 despite the huge flaws that have continuously plagued by it since independence.

In time the crooks will one by one be prosecuted and punished, and they know it, so are making these innuendos to delay the inevitable. A country can only develop and its people can improve the quality of life, ONLY when corruption is reduced drastically, as even China has discovered. We can do it, and let us not allow the politicians to stop us in our tracks, as their agenda differs from ours!

By the way for your interest AIYO is part of the Oxford Dictionary!


  1. Dharisha Batians article worth reading in the FT.

  2. As President Sirisena makes his speeches off the cuff, and without notes or written up, this is NOT good practice, as he tends to tailor his speech to the audience at hand, and therefore what he said resonated with the people he was with at that time, and he did not think any further.

    This is typical Grama Sevaka talk, not suited for a President.

    The utterences of a President of a Country must be carefully considered. as other people's lives and his Country's destiny depend on it.

    For President Sirisena to have treated this so lightly but to have caused a huge stir in every corner of the land, is a reflection of his lack of stature, not Presidential Material. He is bound to fall on his own sword and does not need any assistance, as he is not one to seek or heed advice from others either.