Monday, October 10, 2016

Sirisena bares all! Turns out he is a fraud after all, what were we really thinking?

I realize it was his eloquence in public speaking that wowed us, it was merely hollow eloquence not borne out of innate intelligence or sincere desire to be of service, but merely the craving to be revered by an increasingly skeptic public.

So as the old adage coined by me goes “How can a Preacher President instill confidence in his People, when his Policies are Putrid?”

We, the Sri Lankan people, threw out a megalomaniacal, thought he was infallible, believed he could reign forever, controlled all arms of Government, overtly or covertly, by stealth, President, namely Mahinda Rajapakse on January 8th 2015.

His opponent was the preferred choice, namely the lesser of two evils, which the inscrutable nephew, Ranil of the cunning fox, JR saw as the obvious and only means of defeating an intransigent, delusional, addicted to astrological pontifications of glory by charlatans, Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil, with his mastery of Parliament, Pig Headed though he is Pulled off the double, by being elected Prime Minister at the following General Election in August 2015. Of course if he had listened to my advice, noted in this blog on January 12th 2015, would NOT have appointed Arjuna Mahendran as Governor of the CBSL, and so would most certainly have had an absolute majority for the UNF coalition to govern continuously for 6 years singlehandedly.

Due to this failure, he had to accommodate the greedy in a National Government, giving the crooks of the previous MR government, senior ministerial positions, in order to suppress opposition to the Grand Plan he had in mind for Sri Lanka to reach hitherto unchartered waters of growth and international adulation.

In hindsight his belief in his invincibility, has completely walled in FORT like, by a ring of roguish sycophants, who are also incompetent Neanderthals, who have prevented access of progressive policies and ideas reaching him, the loser hence being Ranil Wickremesinghe himself.

Due to this, Good Advice, Better Judgement, True Loyalty to the cause (as opposed to bogus) real Good Governance and altruistic motives in the Country’s interest has been denied the Prime Minister. The results are only too obvious, “Absolute Impotence”, when dynamic sustainable growth of the Economy could have prevailed.
Apologies, as I have digressed somewhat from my intended purpose!

Seemingly living in a parallel universe of ideas from his Grama Seveka days, with NO more advancement from that point, is Maithripala Sirisena, hell bent on abolishing Cigarette smoking, while not referring to the equal and opposite rise in a far worse trait of Beedi Smoking with little taxation, is now hell bent on abolishing the sale of alcohol, to replace it with moonshine, the investable result in any state!

Just look at some of the facts that is adding to addiction AND losing government revenue due to asinine leaders such as this President

For what it is worth, these two industries, contribute 20% of the Government’s revenue, that helps him pontificate on its ills! Is he actually blind NOT to be the leader who can remove the far more insipid and worrisome threat of hard drug prevalence, imported out of our shores? This can be more easily stopped, as there are only a few big name importers, who are protected by the easily bribed lawmakers amounting no more than 15 in parliament itself, along with their henchmen.

Why have we not heard a word about the need to fight this war that has entered the class room, in the President’s own home district of Polonaruwa? It is ruining the next generation of his own people. Is it because his family has a stake in this?

After all the Sirisena family have ruled Polonnaruwa, and the scars of devastation show. Using his patrimony, protection, political patronage of this senior minister Sirisena, since the MR government days, they controlled the Paddy Mafia, forever enslaving the farmer, another arm controlled the illegal sand mining in an elaborate protection racket that so distasteful. Another was ruining the environment, what about the destruction of the forest cover reducing it by half in the MR reign, and then poaching, and catching baby elephants, or even illegal rock quarrying. Remember in Sri Lanka, nothing illegal can take place without the connivance of the local politicians, and the police! Who are in it together with the mafia.

So to add this latest imbroglio of his son’s decadence, which has become the typical behavior of an SL son of a President, being a brat is no surprise! It just runs in their veins. You just cannot erase a family TRAIT of TREASON and TREACHERY in one generation.

Ironically this incident at a night club, with a coterie of bodyguards, when he only needed one, happened days after the president preached to the new batch of teachers about caning their wards, when transgressions occurred. Even Princes Charles and William have one Royal Protection Office, compared to brat’s tenplus!

The President “lectured in school masterly fashion which is his standard moniker of leadership, @ the Nelum Pokuna Center on Wednesday, October 5th 2016, in the morning, welcoming 3,000+ new diploma holders from the various teacher training colleges, into the carder of Government Teachers. It was OK he said to cane impossible kids, as he a father of three only knows too well how difficult they can be! To reign in their infractions”. In Sri Lankan Political Culture, this is a breed of offspring from political leaders of dubious beginnings, and they are referred to as brats! Once you look at the political leader’s origins, and you can see it coming, like the day follows the night. Mervin Silva and his son Malaka are a case in point here. It just goes with the territory, and nothing to do with CANING!

When we have personalities of dubious repute, and accordingly I am very sorry to point out, Maithripala Sirisena falls into this pit, not matter what veneer he puts on his past. Just look at the antics of his son-in-law if further proof were needed trying to run the Defence Ministry, in the absence of the Minister, the President himself!

His lack of understanding was clearly reflected in his comments at this exhortation to the new breed of teachers in 2016. Yes, we were beaten, black and blue by our teachers. Yes, our parents thought it was the best punishment for us as we MUST have done something wrong. Yes, there was an element of discipline, respect for the elders back then, but it had “NOTHING to do with using the cane.” This is where his lack of intelligence speaks volumes.

This was a sign of a different era, of rote learning, and no knowledge about sexual perverts who reveled in flagellation. Strict discipline by them was considered necessary to make a man, ignoring the fact that the sadomasochists had a field day. We see this in full public view where children as young as 15 are flogged in public under strict Sharia law in Saudi Arabia, by fundamentalist Islamic Sexual Perverts or Cretins, where only today, the UN has demanded this be STOPPED.

We as a nation MUST rise above this NONSENSE

It is important for parents NOT to abrogate their parental responsibilities to the school. Sirisena SHOULD HAVE appealed to the parents to take the primary responsibility for raising disciplined children with love and respect. His lack of success speaks volumes of his ability in this regard. So this modesty of eating at home of food cooked by this wife, I am sure if his wife was NOT so enslaved could have outperformed him, but that is to her wish, which we hope was not subjugated.

This kind of infantile and puerile thinking from a leader of a Nation destines a whole Country to slavish behavior. We must learn from some of the mistakes we make today in our society, where parents because they have a maximum of two children, tend to spoil them rotten, especially absentee parents in the Middle East who feel that they can provide creature comforts in lieu of their presence in parenting. This actually leaves teacher with an impossible task of teaching these brats, and hence some of the reporting implied that his speech was meant to garner the teachers’ vote, by permitting them an outlet of beating their wards to ensure discipline. Frankly,


Of course you cannot blame President Sirisena for making asinine statements, because it is simply a reflection of his knowledge and personal experience. His lack of knowledge on Child Psychology is glaring, and his desperate need to curry favor on his audience, by lecturing on a topic he knows nothing about is only too apparent.

The problem really is, that he is THE PRESIDENT, and is talking to 3,000 new teachers who will teach for the next 40 years, and DO THE WRONG thing for hundreds of thousands if not millions of Students, scarring them for life. One person, namely the President of Sri Lanka is responsible for this mistake, and he must make amends by sending an apology in writing to each of the Teachers admitting his error of judgment, (we all make mistakes) and admonishing them in how children should be disciplined in future. Otherwise it makes him highly flawed like Hitler, within the Sri Lankan context.

Readers! What have we done? Who have we unleashed on an already longsuffering nation? It is HIGH TIME WE CHANGED OUR POLITICAL CULTURE to throw out all the incumbents everywhere and start again. Nothing can ever be worse than the present lot of elected people in all forms of Government.



  1. Why has Daham Sirisena NOT been arrested yet? Surely, if we had an independent IGP, that would be the first thing he would do!

  2. Take this

    There are those who say, don't stick MS with the same mud his brothers and family are doing!

    I say, it is mainly due to his position as the General Secretary of the SLFP and Senior Minister in the MR govt. that his family used to be the worst destroyers of every aspect of life in Polonnaruwa. Hence MS cannot bow out of it saying it had nothing to do with him, as it had everything to do with him, as he did not STOP this rot that was going on using his protection directly or indirectly.

    Now the head of the Timber Corporation deforesting the whole place for profit, is Chairman of SLT. May God Help the Sri Lankan people out of this nepotism. How could he?