Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The last of the three Presidential Debates tonight in Las Vegas!

19th October 2016

I hope to watch this debate tomorrow morning Sri Lankan time, IF the rain does not play havoc with the TV signal on CNN!

The reality is that the two worst candidates in US History are vying to be the next President of the United States, when there is overwhelming opinion, that if Michelle Obama had been the third candidate in this election, she would have won by a mile, as even she, a strong articulate black women, could win over otherwise TRUMP voters too! To say nothing of the fact that Hilary would not even be on the starting line.

It is a terrible indictment that the most powerful country on earth has not been able to field a halfway decent candidate to be President. So when one of them is elected, HOW CAN THEY RISE FROM THESE ASHES of their past, rotten to the core!

I will be watching for entertainment value, NOT for any policy proposals that I would like to see or hear. When Trump brings in Obama’s Kenyan brother with whom he does not have a lot to do, as one of his along with the widow of a Benghazi fallen victim, what is that meant to show?

Ratings value in millions with only a showplace like LAS VEGAS can stage, where the stakes are at the tables and not at the hall, where it will just be of fun value, and stakes being wagered would be on who would win the latest battle of smut?

This world has turned turtle, and politics is ONLY a dirty word now, where ever you go and which ever country you are pointing your finger at. This makes dictatorship look positively welcoming, as it is predictable, and in more sense than one, has an atmosphere of calm stability due to the fear of repression, leading the citizenry to refrain from POLITICAL ACTIVISM.

The will of the people gets lost in this mess of words, of money, of media and of UTTER CONFUSION. Even some foreign media has resorted to merely comparing the planes in which the candidates descend on Mclaren International airport in Las Vegas! This seems at least of conversational interest. WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN? SIMPLY CRAZY ISN’T IT?

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  1. Las Vegas among other entertainment is known for its BOXING matches that people pay thousands of dollars to attend and more to bet on.

    What about this boxing match. Is it by invitation only? Or are thousands changing hands for entry tickets? Millions of course are wagered "off course" on the outcome of this match alone. WHAT KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE WANT NOWADAYS!