Monday, October 24, 2016

The leaked COPE Report – giving the COPE Chairman’s point of view!

This is a highly politicized document, by POLITICIANS. An opinion that will NOT stand as evidence even in a Court of Law, but which the General Public have mistakenly taken as the final judgement!

It is time that someone has the guts to explain this as NOT a fact but an opinion, and mention the names and the parties those who signed off on this opinion only.

Do not mislead the Public, as they will believe this hogwash without question, and that is bad for democracy if guilt is presumed in a court of kangaroos. It would have been at least good journalism, if both or all three reports were leaked at the same time to remind people that there are different opinions, and all are by people who are mere amateurs at offering them, with their own agendas. There simply is NO balance in reporting. Colombo Telegraph being particularly guilty of taking sides, on something they really don’t know anything about, but which they have a blind following amongst the KNOW NOTHING know it alls!

The journalists are highly irresponsible for merely pitching this as a story that is now 18 months stale, while the Country is being robbed as we speak by people never being mentioned by them! Why are they worried that they will be sued?

Name and shame time has come. This is a convenient distraction from the real broken yahapalanaya promises, where the evidence is far more cast iron to convict. Why is that NOT happening?

It is clear that a few contrary points of view are not reported, especially by biased reporting in papers such as the Sunday Times, which normally tries to be more objective, but here it seems that the Editor has either been nobbled, or is past his sell by date when it comes to matters of FINANCE.

Perpetual would have made money whether or not Mahendran was in the Central Bank. This has nothing to do with Mahendran, except for his introducing the Auction system prevailing the world over, in an environment where competition was weak due to the incompetence of the State Institutions. As the PM has said time and time again, don’t blame Perpetual for making money, if other Institutions with far greater access to funds did NOT take advantage of the same opportunity to bid. It is this simple premise that the UNP MP’s are sticking to. The only point I will fault the PM on is his appointment of Mahendran in the first place, because his son-in-law was heading a Primary dealership. Therefore there is a conflict of interest, and I pointed this out here, on January 12th 2015 three days into the new Govt.

Had the PM heeded my advice none of this would have occurred. Yes, Perpetual made money due to this void. However do not try and lay the blame on Mahendran. When you get people who think they can second guess in COPE, but do not understand that CBSL itself is rife with unsavory characters holding office, who were compromised during the previous administration, they have conveniently slipped out of prosecution! Why?

They MAY be part of the problem even NOW since Perpetual is still making money with NO Mahendran around. Doesn’t anyone here have any common sense to see the irony of this point? It is sad when we really do not have ANY journalist, who really understands financial transactions and is able to weigh the pros and cons. The reporters are investigative journalists with NO financial nouse! Pretty pathetic ha, repeating what others merely say!

It is time the Excreta is cleaned out of the Central Bank in order to return to Good Practice, and I do not see ONE journalist suggest that! Why? they too are ATA PASS like the LOT in Parliament. Can you expect a reasoned argument under the circumstance? Everyone is parroting the same argument for over 18 months now!

CONCLUSION – The guilty have NOT even been identified by COPE, they still hold senior positions in the Central Bank. It is time they are outed. We must clean out the stables and start again. It is disgraceful that some of our highest paid civil servants need to make money illegally, because for them their salaries are NOT enough.

When their gravy train stopped after Cabraal, they had it in for Perpetual and Mahendran. CBSL staffers’ lies is the thread that COPE hung their hat on. Time they ask the right questions first. Problem – They don’t know what questions to ask. It is the blind leading the blind, and until blind men leave parliament we cannot progress as a Country.

A state bank could have made as much money if they bid at auction. Its never too late, bid NOW, don’t leave it to Perpetual to make the call and make the money, while you are still warming your desks unwilling to bat for the Country.

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