Monday, October 31, 2016

Trump to win the Popular Vote and Clinton to bag the Electoral College!

What address would you prefer to have? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC or 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC?

Well, 1600 is the White House, while 1100 is the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC which was conveniently opened last week at what was the OLD POST OFFICE BUILDING.

Just check it out. It is far grander than the White House, and this is where Trump would be based in his fight against Hilary Clinton, just a few blocks away, challenging her election, as being fraudulent. Just check the latest tracking poll out yesterday, 30th October 2016 if you doubt it to see the direction this juggernaut is going in.

Little wonder then that Trump was unwilling to accept the Election Results IF it went against him, on the Grounds, as it will show now that he has had a greater amount of the POPULAR vote than Hilary Clinton, and would be the moral winner.

It is going to be an unusual fight, as Trump will be in his true to form showmanship, presiding over future News Conferences from Trump International in a mock Oval Office, challenging the very core of the US Democratic System!

For followers of REALITY TV this will be the treat of all treats of the DRAMA being played out in the open, all pre-planned by the Trump Team and you can imagine the TV rights have already been allocated, and is going to be the biggest windfall of all for Donald Trump, who really does not want to get into the nitty gritty of Governing, as it is far too stressful, and it is easier for him to make money from the situation, which was his original intent in entering the race, which even he in his dreams did NOT think will come this far.

It is truly sad that Hilary just blew every chance she had to run a boring campaign of old time politics, because of the scandals that have bogged her and sapped all her energy leaving her looking like a broken wasted mop of hair.

Trump on the other hand has NOT let all the accusations bog him down, by simply deflecting them back at his accusers, creating pure theater for the audience who just cannot wait to switch on to his antics at prime time.

It is well known that Trump has contributed to the ratings increase at this Presidential Election, and you can bet anything that he has already cashed in big time from this deliberate strategy of running an election campaign on the lines of a reality TV program. Hilary would not know what has hit her till the END.

The link below shows that the Millenials are beginning to have second thoughts about Hilary Clinton at this stage. This is her core following! What next?



  1. The US loves entertainment in all its forms, and this time even the Election Campaign was pure entertainment. All three Presidential Debates being watched NOT for the content of the discussion, but the verbal barrages expected, and throw back lines expected from Trump. He did not disappoint at all.

    The Media Pundits trying to make sense of NONSENSE have been made to eat humble pie, getting every aspect of analysis grossly wrong. This is an out of the box election, that has turned tragic for Democracy.

    It is to the electors who chose the two worst Candidates in all of the US History to fight each other that this blame will lie. It is of course possible that they did this so that they can live in a day dream of reality TV as the business of real politics is too boring. They got what they wanted, but have the rest of the world got what they deserve from this little show?

    I cannot answer that as yet!

  2. True to form the prediction is gaining ground today, November 2nd and a week is a seriously long time in Politics where anything can happen with 6 days to go.