Monday, October 17, 2016

Politicians, Public Servants and Interest Groups all work against the Country

I have been writing for years in this blog about ways we can really improve the performance of Sri Lanka.

What I mean by that is ways and means where the people of Sri Lanka can improve their quality of life. Sadly there appears to be NO ONE interested in this, but who continue to maintain that is what they are doing.

Politicians fool the people into believing only they can solve their problems. My opinion, we can solve our problems, and then the need for politicians does NOT arise. However they don't want to solve the problem, because we will continue to go to them to TRY and solve the problem

Public Servants know that they have an easy lot. They have NO responsibility, as they cannot be fired. They run rings around foolish politicians by only saying what they want to hear, and doing something completely different. Others also engage in taking bribes for doing what they are supposed to do anyway, while still others continue to make money on the side, by doing a disservice to the people they are supposed to serve, and give preferences to businessmen in exchange for bribes, but which eventually  cost the Country.

An example of the latter are technical people passing the road construction for a bribe, where the Contractor has spent only Rs2m on a job he has contracted Rs10M by faulty construction, and poor quality material.

Interest Groups are the worst!

GMOA, National Union of Teachers, and as this attachment shows, the Shipping Agents, all work for their membership, and often against the best interests of Sri Lanka. The MEDIA NEVER point this simple fact out to the public, as they are PAID NOT TO DO SO.

IT IS THE POLITICIANS DUTY to safeguard the people of Sri Lanka from unscrupulous acts, such as the one in the attachment in today's FT which clearly shows that the Shipping Lobby have got round the Politicians, in preventing the best method of Sri Lanka taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity of our location in the world.

What is the point of God giving us the best location, if our own people and here I blame our elected representatives, DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE to do what is right for Sri Lanka and its people. Frankly that is a crime that no amount of death penalties will be sufficient to punish!

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  1. Only if or when we find leadership that truly cares for Sri Lanka will this Country achieve its true potential