Sunday, April 1, 2012

We won a battle, and now we are losing the War!

We are fooling our voter base by distorting reality. We have a leader who goes about comparing the world polluters as the worlds worst human rights violators. Why does he choose only USA? After all the worst polluter in the world is China. Where is he calling them the worlds worst human rights violators.

That my friends is the irony or more correctly the idiocy of a leader who is still managing to convince his audience of his either being serious or a total buffoon. Which is it? If either then idiocy would be part of the disease he is afflicted by but no one dare denounce for the fear of the white van.

In order to please their voter base the Govt. has made a series of humongous tactical errors that is costing the country dear. This self belief in their actions and the rigidity with which this belief pervades those in power, have caused enough harm. The sooner they and those who claim to be their constituency realize this the better. It is that same constituency that is the current coalition’s voter base that will suffer in the future, no matter all the so called patriotic rhetoric. It is really up to a leader of that group to call a spade a spade, as no amount of shouting by the opposition will do the same.

The iron grip with which the Dictatorship holds all those especially their own people under their thumb prevents a natural leader from rising from this enslaved cacophony called ‘The ministers of the Sri Lankan Govt.’ I see no one within their ranks who has enough confidence, and a belief in the righteous to stand up to the cabal and throw down the gauntlet in the interests of self preservation.

It is a matter of time when it sinks into the masses that they have been fed straw instead of rice, as right now they believe the straw they are eating is rice. Unless the ruling coalition wants a complete annihilation, it is time that some of the old guard who do not agree with the current trend of policy, disassociate themselves from their superiors and put out an alternative agenda. Otherwise it will be their fault for not notifying the people, when it comes to the time to answer to their sins.

This Govt. thinks that using the Diaspora as the scapegoat and all who take that approach as being funded by the Diaspora is sufficient to get through their inadequate and by some counts, treacherous conduct. This has nothing to do with the Diaspora. They must be dreaming if they think the Diaspora say in the US can even dent the thinking of the US govt. They do not have enough money to buy influence as the money required is beyond belief. The PACS of the US which try to influence policy is not what determines US Govt. policy it is a far broader geopolitical game which none of our foreign policy advisers seem to understand.

No amount of shouting could change the result. We know from Government actions subsequent to the result that even now the approach is ill informed and counterproductive. This school-boy type of sulking must stop and statesmanship that has hitherto been absent is what is needed to diffuse the tension. Otherwise we will still be fighting this invisible war until we elect an administration, that can rise above pettiness and hollow patriotism, to one with true patriotism, which addresses the needs of the people of this country and not just of a chosen few.

What is it with the psyche of the people today to take this gibberish lying down?

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