Friday, April 13, 2012

The New Year Rituals – the Commercial element – the need to conform

If one takes a step back from the hype and just thinks about the history and meaning of our New Year one will get a completely different understanding of what is all about.

Over time the rituals have grown, with many theories as to why we do this and that at various auspicious times and in order that we will obtain the best possible outcome for the next year by so doing. The rituals remain, but the lifestyle behind the rituals has changed due to the era we now live in, and the occupations we are currently engaged in.

In my interpretation, the old year ended with the harvest and all the transactions could then be completed and the homes and people could get ready for the New Year with preparations of cleaning, new clothes and new resolutions. It is NOT a religious event, but a cultural one. It is now no longer practical due our careers to set off work on April 18th as this year’s auspicious time tells us, as over 80% of those in paid occupations have to be at work on Monday, 16th April at the appointed morning start time, which means many have to set off for their boarding houses or homes on the 15th in order to be at work on time on Monday.

It is now a boom for the traders who sell items that people buy, and this year I saw many people purchasing a lot of electrical items, mostly on credit, using some of the New Year bonuses that a few establishments gave their staff, but more who actually gave an advance on their pay, rather than a bonus per se.

It is really distressing to learn that most people begin the Year with DEBT and not a clean sheet. They have also gotten themselves into further DEBT just to buy the goodies for their loved ones for the New Year, just to keep up with the neighbors, as otherwise shame would be worse than truth, for people who today are not true to themselves but to their neighbors’ opinions about them!!!

It is in this backdrop that the New Year has turned into a very sad occasion instead of a joyous one, just because we have been enslaved by our selfish society. We MUST be true to reality, ourselves and live a life the really shows our character in being able to live according to our means and abilities, and NOT care about what others think of us, as their opinions are fleeting, and unimportant.

Please look forward not back and change your thinking and character to do only what is right, no matter how hard it is so that at your moment of demise, which is out of our control, we can achieve our goals, without fear of mortal transgressions.

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