Monday, April 9, 2012

We are expecting a surprise on April 19th at Siri Kotha – Just you wait!!

The leader of the Opposition has called a meeting of all the Active members of the UNP along with their elected members in Provincial Councils, and Pradeshiya Sabhas. It will be interesting to see who do not turn up, and what will happen to those who do not. We are in for a surprise and the bookies are to open a book on the likely event that calls for such secrecy. It is definitely not about RW resigning.

So the favorite at the moment is the announcing of the sacking of a whole lot of party members and the question is if Sajith Premadasa is also on this list for sacking. He has consistently refused to take orders from the leader, and just done as he pleases with no love for the party, just for himself. It is unlikely that his coterie of followers will go with an isolated man, and he will just have to go somewhere and eat humble pie. For how long?

Just look at the Sasunata Aruna plan, it is all about promoting himself, not even mud sticking to the party apparatus.

Then he is likely to announce a tough regime of no nonsense discipline, checking on everyone personally up till the end of the year, when he expects major changes to take place once the people of the country have had time to digest the direction that Rajapakse’s are taking them. It will be apparent that it is not sustainable, and letting so many thousands in Sri Lank be fooled by the regime into really believing that they have an answer to all the problems. The UNP will have a tough task explaining the way forward, as the usual suspects at homes are unable to really think and come up, having become far too timid in accepting the Govt propaganda at face value.

This battle can be won or lost at the heart of the nation if there is an inkling that the current rulers have lost it (their minds that is) completely taking over almost all items of value, starting with money. The latest vestige being the Ceylon Shipping Corporation was about to buy a ship for US$200M giving the fixer a commission but in reality a bribe of 20% or amounting to US$40M. If this is authorized then let the heavens make them pay for a travesty of ethics, flying in the face of all common decency. The whole deal as always will be financed by borrowings, and the ship will be mortgaged to the bank, reducing the bank’s exposure. It permits multiple instances in which a transaction can feed the gravy train of party supporters.

Let us hope the people will wake up now, before we have to suffer future indignities on account of the repeating behavior of the rulers of our people.

So what else is in store for that day? Has he checked the stars? Is he going to make a historic statement. Whatever he does he has to finally nail all dissidents to the cross and take the party forward in a unified manner if they have any hope of moving this behemoth of crafty devils, and their evil ways. It takes a person of vision to actually see where this country is headed towards if the current players are permitted any more space. The rate of rape of every asset of this nation has never known such magnitude.

With the forthcoming Provincial Council Elections poised for around September, where the regime hopes to taste its popularity, the resources to fight this campaign is what the opposition lacks. It has justice and truth and right on their side, but with people drunk with power, and favors perks and in the final analysis the last sheet they received for their roofs to remember by, it is going to be a hard task unless strategic alliances are entered into to shake the this juggernaut. It is not impossible, but it requires incredible fortitude, a cunning plan that must be executed with utmost secrecy and speed. I understand that the North Central and Eastern and perhaps Sabaragamuwa are open to elections first, before the others follow.

It is also reported that the grace and favors of duty free vehicles for these politicians before the Councils are dispersed is another example of ensuring the jobs for the boys, and ensure loyalty to the fight.

If magnanimity is expected of the meeting then we will be sadly be mistaken. He is not in a mood for this after a year of onslaught with no let up on his leadership and credentials, forever denting his proven leadership in the eyes of the gullible public who will not give him a chance, due to their being successfully duped into believing in his unsuitability and lack of vision, both of which are completely false.

I put my bets on a overwhelming vote to demote Sajith Premadasa from the leadership stakes once and forever, with a litany of evidence of his unsuitability, and devious behavior that only furthered his cause and not that of the party, which is the one and only cardinal sin you can eject his credentials on as he is permitted a degree of flaws in normal human characteristics.

I am optimistic that this instead of being the dreaded sword that comes to haunt the party it will be the light that finally shines brightly at the end of the tunnel to galvanize the party faithful to rally round the leader and ensure a victory first at all three provincial council elections by empowering all within the party that the time has come to reassert their natural strengths to take the party from a period in the wilderness to one of POWER.

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