Thursday, March 29, 2012

How long can we suffer this dance of the sugar plum fairies?

It is just mindboggling how the politicians of the Government can with a straight face expound their dreamy thoughts as reality on the people of Sri Lanka and get away with it. There is NO step that this Govt. has taken that is actually correct. Yet people slavishly believe they can do no wrong. What Planet may I ask these people think they are living in?

It is only the policy of divide and rule used so successfully by the British that is keeping this Govt. in power, as they are behind all the backroom tactics to spread dissent in all the opposition parties. It is the power of money, stolen from the people that is actually trying to divide them. We just need a visionary leader (not Sarath Fonseka who is primarily and always only a super soldier) to guide us out of the mess this Govt. has created and now continues to make worse, instead of learn from their excesses and take a U-Turn from some of their very destructive policies.

Then a family cabal rules with an iron grip only held together by fear. Their own people especially the ministers are bought for a few rupees in petty cash, to extol their virtues and hide the truth. The mesmerizing hold of money amongst many people in authority, is one that stops from rocking the boat lest their comfortable positions are made less so.

It is important that the Govt. realizes that it is only foreign remittances that keep them afloat, and has helped greatly in lightening the personal problems of the people due to this inflow that helps keep poverty and starvation at bay. There is only a limit to which this method of survival can fool the people into a false sense of security, and not agitate and demonstrate for their basic needs. Once this time expires, it is time for a change, and now is a better time than any in the past to reason with the populace that the ride of ‘Tom Foolery’ as got to end.

Let us do what we can to reach the public, explain why we believe the charade has had no patriotic intent, but has been nothing but a treacherous exercise in cleaning out the coffers of Sri Lanka for personal gain, having achieved NOTHING of economic benefit to the people. All the outer guise of progress is not due to the Govt. but due to the massive amounts of remittances now amounting to about 15% of the GNP, which when the multiplier effect is taken account of due to the money reaching people at rural level, has a real benefit many times that amount.

If the Govt. was not corrupt and the funds used wisely we could have had a much higher rate of growth that would have flowed faster to all sections of the population, and it has NOT been so, due to the policies of the Govt.

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