Monday, April 23, 2012

So who said there are two May Day rallies sanctioned by the UNP?

The official combined opposition, with the leadership of the UNP, holds their May Day Rally in Jaffna this year, which is a first in Jaffna, an integral part of the Republic. The UNP leadership has requested their electoral organizers to bring as many people from their individual electorates to Jaffna so that the rally will have representation from all parts of the Island. It is to show that the country is ready to oppose the Government anywhere in the country, against a book of ills that the country is beset by, as a result of the actions of the Present Administration.

The Government tried using their nominee Sajith Premadasa to poke a spanner in the wheel. He did this by doing a double game, of using his so called spokesmen, of Lal Perera and Maithri Guneratne to do his bidding on his behalf, by asking people to come to their May Day event to commemorate the 19th Death Anniversary on May 1st of President Premadasa. Sajith in the meantime vehemently denied he was trying to compete, despite Mervyn Silva vehemently confirming a competition for numbers. Sajith told the people that there is only one May Day rally, that in Jaffna. In the meantime his office in Weerawila was busy calling (remember that office has a FREE phone courtesy of the State as a MP’s benefit) all the Pradeshiya, Palath Sabha Members and MPs to come to his May Day rally. This was annoying the daylights out of the UNP elected representatives, as it seemed to sound like a direct insult to the UNP, and a underhand way of lying to the people by this action.

If that is not enough, Hema Premadasa, sends a letter to all MPs, in the country to attend either previous day Bana, the commemoration at the Aluth Kade  Premadasa Statue or the Dana at Sucharitha. That is permitted in a way, but also a roundabout invitation to inflame the UNPers who receive it. All in all this is a very ill conceived method of playing a game against the party itself, which in my opinion is further evidence of his portrayal of himself as an alternative to the UNP.

I believe he is entitled to do what he wants, as long as he does not purport to represent the UNP. In order to achieve that he must be disciplined and expelled from the party he pretends to lead. It is all a Rajapakse game that Premadasa is playing. He is likely to be compromised, being blackmailed about the host of indiscretions in his life, with such open artifact extractions that he was engaged in which the Government continues to encourage their followers to emulate.

So let it be notice to all who wish to follow SP that all their details will be provided so they will lose all entitlements they had or wish to gain from the UNP.

It will be interesting if the Commemoration in front of the statue at Aluthkade turns into a demonstration and a walk along the streets shouting slogans against the leadership. That indeed is probably what the UNP leadership is waiting for to throw out the indisciplined lock stock and barrel no less!!! 

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