Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Defense Secretary insinuates – two people were abducted by the State

For whatever reason, paranoia or need to check on those who are not on the current flagged list, two individuals were abducted by the State apparatus a few days ago, and thanks to the “hue and cry” by the Australian High Commissioner, the matters came to a close this morning with one of them, an Australian citizen under a passport name of Mudalige, was deported for overstaying his visa, and the other lady was released by the abductors, and she gave a press conference about her ordeal. At the same time the media spokesman for the security forces, one Wijesuriya vehemently denied that the forces were behind it. However he does not always know which arm did it as it is only Ghotabaya who will reveal or not as it is his wont. So it had to be the State and the Australians have verified it already.

I thought it was a bit rich for Ghotabaya to make insinuations that the LTTE were at work, by these people who go overseas change their names and return. This is not an LTTE thing at all. It is people who have had a past in this country who have run away for whatever reason, some for breaking the law, and then change their names in host countries and return to commit the same of more heinous crimes. So just as there are many JVPers in Japan who have not been able to get Japanese passports and so are just lying there suffering, those who go to Canada and Australia or USA or UK for that matter can return under different names. That is what frightens the shit out of the introverted Sri Lankan state.

Now tell me why they return? It is simply because the Govt. has set up a state apparatus, that allows these people to come to Sri Lanka to cause trouble. If we had justice, democracy, rule of law and enforcement of the law fairly there will be no need to for trouble makers to come, as there is no trouble to make!!! It is that simple fact that operators of Dictatorships just never understand, as they use this threat which is created by their very behavior to bamboozle the masses into justifying the police state.

Mark you, we will hear for a long time from the likes of Ghotabaya, that the LTTE threat is real. We have to keep armed forces in the North to counter this threat and therefore justify their white van abduction and lawless rule. That is what creates this need for people to go overseas and return to change the system, as we inside are just too frightened and powerless to affect the desperate change that we need to regain the freedoms lost to the state of anarchy now in the country.

People may ask what anarchy? It is only felt by those who are against the state. Those fawning over every word a Rajapakse utters will not see a state of anarchy. 

The moment when they are mistaken for LTTEer posing as someone else, in this case of the new party, it is then that the Govt. goes into action stations to abduct, interrogate and kill, and thanks to the intervention of the Australian Govt. were able to have these two freed, as the Aussies knew he was being held. The state always checks out these people in fringe parties, as they have a huge apparatus that keeps tabs on suspect groups to which this breakaway group also belongs.

Where do we go from here? GR the Defense Secretary, is now trumping the name change example of infiltration by the LTTE, and we do not know how many thousand LLTEers are in our presence. What is new? We know many hardcore LTTE went to foreign parts, and have assumed names different to what we knew them to be. So it is quite possible that they are still around. However it is unlikely that they will be a threat to the nation now, as they are surviving in other countries and slowly realizing that their dream of Eelam is dead and buried no matter what they do. Govt. however is keeping this dream alive while the Diaspora are only hallucinating. They are keeping this dream alive by frightening the electorate about this, which while being politically expedient is bad long term practice to provide true unity for this country as long as they harbor this feeling of them and us.

It is not in doubt that there is no inclusivity in this Govt. for all the peoples of Sri Lanka and that the Govt. only really looks after one main political grouping they have created out of the fear mongering, namely that of the Sinhala Buddhist, who if he was true to his religion would not tolerate any of the nonsense that is being labeled. It must be remembered that much of the scare mongering is done by the Buddhist Clergy who view this as a threat to their existence, which is a very un Buddhist thing to do. They should have no fear if they are really teaching what Lord Buddha preached. Instead many of them are preaching to preserve their position and little of the true religion. In that scenario, they get confused with what the religion really is, an inclusive all race philosophy of trying to get to a state of extinguishing all worldly desires to one that just practices desires.

I therefore fault not the true Buddhist but those who preach the faith in the name of the Lord Buddha and shame him by so doing to capitalize on position and power.

I digress, but I want to give some background to the thinking of isolation that many in Sri Lanka have to justifying some of the irrational punitive actions that are done in the name of religion, by zealots who are concerned more about preserving their position within it. The REAL threat is the current STATE in Sri Lanka, and let us hope that soon the people will realize this and do away with the culprits and establish a true democratic state with justice and fair play for all who live in it.

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