Thursday, April 12, 2012

What a fortuitous diversion for this ‘Frontline Socialist Party’ – read minuscule

Who are the winners in this abduction fiasco? No doubt it the Government. If that is the case, that in itself will lend credence to their direct involvement. Secondly it is the Frontline Socialist Party that obtained publicity beyond their wildest dreams, much to the dismay of the regular JVP who are expressing great displeasure at all this cuffufle about nothing. So in no small part they are taking this media frenzy for all its worth!

No doubt it is convenient for the Government to wipe their hands off all these incidents as they despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, continue to state they have had nothing ever to do with the white van abductions. As if they expect us to believe their fairy tales. In a state security apparatus that is everywhere, with moles in all places, in all political parties and in almost all places, how all these white vans have come and gone without a trace, is something our gullible public must reckon with if they believe in fairy tales as being factual.

I wonder what we will see next soon after the Avurudhu celebrations. The Govt. is intent to keep everyone distracted so that they can continue to pillage this country of everything we have got. Sadly even they do not wish to enter into the game of measuring the magnitude of robbery.

In the rural areas, it is robbing the farmers, sand mining, killing or capturing wildlife, searching for antiquities that are buried, involved in hooch dens, raping the forests of trees, and all other plant and living things of value to others; you might say the huge rake off of the construction of roads in villages is the largest single method of stealing from the people, as the sums skimmed are about 50% of the contracted price, and the roads are not built to an acceptable standard, rendering all this expense a waste, all on borrowed high interest money.

Is this not enough? Must we go into Cities to see how UDA land is purloined, deeds transferred stealthily, public property being used and private property, and whole misuse of state funds in all state institutions, on top of what the COPE report has been able to discover in a short period, and with limited time and resources.

Then it is to Temple property, thousands of acres of land and very valuable building, being used for private purposes and profit at the expense of the Temple and their devotees, in short robbing from one’s own religion, with many connected dayakayas dipping their hands into the till, and the rather frail chief priests with little knowledge of the value and opportunity cost of their assets, blessing them for the pittance that is returned to temples, as if that is being done with great sacrifice. 

Then how about the abuse of the privileges of the perks of office, be it for a minister or secretary to the minister or all the govt. appointees in thousands of enterprises that are in the power of the state to hand over? As people’s silence is bought, and they are recipients, of the largesse, little comes out, as few of integrity are appointed to such places.

The huge sums being paid as commissions for no services rendered. The Chinese have no qualms about bribing, as it is not illegal in China to do so in overseas countries. It is illegal for a US citizen to offer bribes in obtaining a contract, which is great for our people who’s treachery against their country, is not highlighted.

All this takes place and we have a field day in the newspapers about a non-entity going missing, and the whole sordid saga, sexual torture to boot, getting people all chatty. For their luck the Govt. had a Tsunami warning just in time when people were struggling to get home, under limited transport options, what a Godsend, they could blame it all on Tsunami and not on their inefficiency in putting sufficient transport options for the people, who had to endure enormous hardships, just to get home in time for the New Year rituals and festivities.

The reality is that many people cannot survive on their incomes to the lifestyle they believe they expect, and not what Bandula Gunewardena wants them to have. However the trickery in diverting the minds of people to other factors for this situation is the most treacherous act, of hiding behind a whole host of excuses to cover up bad management, and incredible waste.

Let us be very clear, that we MUST be alert to the very cunning acts of stage management of media events, that the Govt. engages in at every step of the way, pouring enormous resources to publicizing falsehoods to an extent that most people believe it to be true. We MUST read between the lines and know when to treat their acts of denial and even yesterday’s Tsunami warning of means under their possession to continue to distract the public from the vicious acts of sabotage happening under our very noses, at the expense of the public, or rather the citizens of Sri Lanka, in the veneer no less of patriotism.

IT IS TIME for us to question EVERY statement of Govt. and read between the lines of every event reported or commented on as they are all part of a well planned campaign of continual deception of the facts in order to gain recognition for events that while shown to be beneficial are in fact not so, but merely for person gain. It is now that we must point out the failure in all aspects of political life many elected officials, to misuse their position to commit crimes of all sorts.

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