Sunday, April 15, 2012

The jokers in politics – the trouble is too many believe them!!

Mr Sritharan a TNA, MP and a former school teacher, who ostensibly recruited school children to the LTTE, made a statement amongst a group of lawyers in Tamil Nadu, that Prabarkaran was alive and well. No doubt this elicited a whole barrage of comments including those who honestly believe he is still alive. We know in history there are many other figures who have perished, but who nevertheless have a following who do believe in their immortality!

This got me thinking that all main parties in Sri Lanka and more so in the fringe ones are awash with jokers who hallucinate on a daily basis. In the UPFA actors list, I would include the Mervin, Wimal, Champika as regular cast of jesters and even in the UNP I would include Ravi and Dr JJ into this category. The problem is all these people do believe they are serious and we the gullible reader are expected to believe in the gibberish that pours forth for they are desperately seeking attention, as if the media spotlight on them is not enough.

Media being so starved for information, clutch at such straws, and blow their sayings out of context to further sensationalize what is said, sometimes completely distorting the reason for the crass statement, and we are expected to make our judgment on them.

The issue is that the leadership is unable to contain their outbursts or hold them to some kind of order, and hence they let loose phrases of idiocy to keep some in fits of laughter and others incredulously believing.

In a state of daylight robbery worse than the era of robber barons in the USA, we must be more mindful of our politicians’ intentions, as the games that people play to hoodwink the unsuspecting public into a false sense of security is itself disturbing. This gives more confidence to the tricksters in their quest of daylight robbery which only the electors can be blamed in the end for our participation by electing them into positions where they can perform their misdeeds without being subject to the law of the land.

We must try and understand that our leaders have to be those with integrity first and foremost, and anyone who uses the comparison that others all over the world are similarly engaged, be thrown out of office forthwith. We should not be held to criteria, you either take or don’t take. It is not the degree to which you justify how much you take. This taking with impunity and believing once elected that you have an equal right so to do is what gives politics a bad name. A politician is merely a servant of the people only who has dedicated his life to serving them!!!! AS IF

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