Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last week’s debate in Parliament on the UN resolution – poles apart in thinking

While it is clear to a section of the global thinking people how absurd all the statements made on behalf of the Government, many contradicting one another were at this UNHRC meeting and prior ones, it seems to be completely lost on the cast of jokers who purport to represent the interests of the Government.

They have no clue what position they are trying to defend, as there is just no position to defend.  After all all the statement made at the UN contradict themselves or at least tell them what the Govt. will do with no intention on the Govt. part of carrying out the promises made. This make a mockery of the statements made by Govt. spokesman, lending credibility to the statement that no Sri Lankan politician can be trusted on anything they say. Just take it with a pinch of salt as they do not have honor.

This traitorous act on the Govt. part is completely absent from the mindset of many in Sri Lanka, including those in the Media, who really cannot understand how harmful the statements made by the Govt. spokesmen including the President are to the Country of Sri Lanka itself. We must point out to these individuals that what they are doing and saying is absolutely gibberish and nonsense and it would be better for them to desist from making any statements, lest they both make fools of themselves which I do not mind, but it reflects badly on the country and to that I take severe umbrage.

It was amazing how many in the Govt. benches did not even understand the statement made by the TNA leader, which was a gauntlet thrown down for all including the international community to listen, from the well of the house, no less, and not some place in some far off country.

The fact that the Govt. benches did not even understand what was said is telling of  the basic level of understanding of Govt. MPs to the issues that have lead to many of the current problems. They are easily dismissed as diatribes by the LTTE bloc, and so does not lend it any credibility and that stand is sufficient.

The Govt. will be foolish ignore such an important speech, as it is only them who will be answerable to the country on their deafness to the plea of the representatives of the Tamils of the North and East who were simply pointing out a few facts which one many disagree on some of the individual issues, as a matter of semantics and exaggeration but the overall gist was their position on the issues and that they will just not compromise. The Rajapakse Govt. will ignore this statement at their peril, and hold the citizens of Sri Lanka hostage for their personal glory.

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