Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Charade of Karuna as the Director General of Wildlife - A precursor to the Guneratnam fiasco - Birds of a feather!!

I was reminded today by a DBS Jeyaraj article about how Ghotabaya had sent Karuna to the UK to be with his wife, on a false Diplomatic Passport on an assumed name and all the shenanigans thereafter when he was found out and the breach of Diplomatic Protocol and all the jokes that emanated from that saga.

For someone that is GR who so blatantly is complicit in such outrageous behavior, then has the audacity to find fault with the Australians of doing something similar is beyond me. It was also amusing that the editorial in the Nation also used the reversing of the roles and wondered how that would be treated. Well it was reversed a while ago by this precedent, don’t you remember? So the editorial falls completely flat as it tries to imply one law for the Western nations and one for us.

I say it is the same law, it is just the person who writes about it! One with a chip on his shoulder or may be a couple to have this anti western view. There is nothing new about each countries interest, it is self interest first matey and only then the interests of others. That is just the way it works everywhere. You just don’t know how to assert your rights hence this chip.

I digress, so coming back to the original intention of my observation, we must realize we all play these smoke and mirror diplomacy games when we want our particular desires met. Diplomacy means not to upset any country as one day you many need their help! Unfortunately bull in a china shop utterings by our senior power players do not render us “diplomatic” by any means.

Our leader do not understand the word patriotism. It is to represent the interests of your citizens first and foremost, not just sit like a cuckoo being proud of being Sri Lankan. Their problem is putting their personal pride before that of the nation, and this shows in every uttering they make in public.

Our country is full of very patriotic people who are disgusted by the false patriotism displayed by the traitors who rule us in the guise of patriotism. The most patriotic do not go around announcing that, they quietly work hard at it unsung and unseen. It is the traitors in patriots clothing who continue to harass them.

This is an appeal before we find fault with others, which we have made a habit of doing lately, especially the xenophobes in our presence to look inward for a while and try to extract our prejudices, and ask ourselves why we hold those views and then try and temper our extremist tendencies to a path of middle ground. I am sure that way we do not get ahead of ourselves in this quest for justification of RIGHT!!

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