Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The shameless liars are again up to their dirty tricks – they are only mice

First it was GL Peries who said that he had not said anything to Mr Krishna the Indian Foreign Minister, when he visited Sri Lanka about promising 13+, now it is the same story over again, when the leader of the Indian Opposition, Mrs Sushma Swaraj made a statement in no uncertain terms stating that the President agreed to 13+. Now the Government AS USUAL is making statements that no such promise was made to the Indians. When we go on this merry waltz, it is clear that the Sri Lankan Government has made, making false promises, a normal practice and a modus operandi of the administration in getting maximum support at home for its divisive policies, action or inaction and all crimes only ‘Chinthanaya’.

The end result of this is that the elector in this country gives their vote for a Leader who loves to confront the international fora and tell them where to exit!! To them that gives them a great sense of achievement of self importance, that they have a leader who castigates the large countries. If only they realize that it is done, only  for home consumption, and when it comes to meeting international leaders, they are like MICE in front of a demanding cat, doing as they please lest he be eaten!

As noted earlier, the leader of the country is only interested in fooling the electorate, as it is sufficient for him to stay in power if he is able to fool them long enough. He succeeds in this venture, as long as the people do not care about their daily issues. They feel good that the state has a huge bark, which is heard all over the country but not overseas, loud enough to convince the voter that it is true and is above all they are only people who will defend the country. This false sense of patriotism, which is a very disguised form of treachery is a sinister game of survival that is craftily part of the plan to stay in power.

We must be more adept at showcasing this lie, and the level of treachery that is so successfully hidden under the term patriot, so that people will understand why they have so long accepted this state of affairs, and so permitted a band of thieves to completely destroy this country for personal gain, not concerned about the people.

It needs a clever response, as the initial disguise is very convincing, when even very learned men have been enslaved by the created myth. It requires the use of examples - to show that funds have been borrowed at high interest rates enslaving the state so that expensive unproductive projects have been created. The people are under the mistaken belief that the funds are the governments, when in fact a few generations will have to pay for this at a very inflated cost. I am convinced that in time with sufficient actual examples, people will realize the truth and then some!!!! 

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