Saturday, April 28, 2012

Don’t say you were not told! – your politics are now of yesteryear

I believe the Leader of the Opposition is using the May Day events to separate the wood from the trees. So let it be a notice to the mighty who believe they are invincible, that they will all be removed from any future position in the UNP as they have gone completely against the instruction of the Party to attend the Jaffna event. Why people are suckers to punishment I do not know. The end result in about a month, both Sajith and Karu, strange bedfellows considering they should now be at daggers drawn, will remain in the Party isolated and friendless.

The only option open to them is to join with Sarath Fonseka, when he is released on condition he does not get involved in Politics until his case is heard and punishment meted. This will undoubtedly temporarily upset the balance and support of the party, but within a few months the people will forget and get back to the business of overthrowing the regime. It is just not possible to justify backing a loser like Sajith Premadasa, who rose above all sense of decency due to an element of entitlement he still seems to harbor with regards to the UNP. He has lost all rights now to this claim.

It is important that all who are even remotely considering going to the Colombo event, think twice if they value party membership or future office within the UNP. It is wrong for them to believe that if they stay with Mr Premadasa, they will have a faster route to the top of the party hierarchy. It is that they will get a fast route out the door, to the big wide world! to find another route.

I am therefore giving you doubters or wanderers, a chance to get back into the fold, by taking the only chance for forgiveness. The Party Leader has read the riot act to all and those who went groveling asking for Organizer posts were told, to show their loyalty by turning up to Jaffna. The rolls of honor will be taken at both locations, and those who are pretending the Colombo one is a UNP rally must realize it could not be further from the truth. With Sirasa covering the event live in Colombo, all the deviants will be identified and the book will be thrown at them.

Be on notice that your leader in Colombo, is not concerned about you, and only about himself as he has only performed a sterling job projecting himself and his father, with nigh a mention of the party. So it is likely his new party name will include his name, and in the process show his following that is not a party they thought they were joining but a mere cult.

If one noticed the pattern in the last few years, the Leader of the UNP never even referred to his nemesis, as he does not believe he is even worthy of mention!!!!

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