Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gomin Dayasiri’s opinion of the UNP – not being a ‘National’ party

An eminent lawyer in his day, who has amassed a fortune in his trade, now appears to pontificate on matters political about the state of the nation and the lack of a serious opposition and the an alternative mindset to the existing ‘STATE’ of play. He has a column in the Daily Mirror of the 17th April 2012 and I am referring to his analysis there.

I believe he is hallucinating in his old age, with little to occupy himself as a gravy train of money or shall I say a waterfall flows everyday to him that he really does not and never has understood the reality of the voter and majority of this country.

He pointedly states in many places that the party by pandering to international interests has removed itself from being nationalist and gone internationalist. Does he realize that in every case throughout the world when a dictatorship stifles dissent removes basic freedoms from society, it is international for a one goes to be heard and to put pressure on local administrations. Just look at the recent case in Burma, it is the unrelenting international pressure that has permitted some democracy to return to a state that for many years has been under autocratic rule.

He would state that it is not the same, and that we are a democracy. He should realize when the apparatus of the state is used to frighten, intimidate, and buy people, human greed is exploited to the full, for this state to function and win the necessary plebiscite which is not for the actions it intends pursuing but frightening the people and it appears himself too, that the other side intends selling the nation piecemeal to the foreigners, when it is this administration which in reality is doing this, for personal gain and fat bank accounts in foreign lands. It is the administration itself fearing its eventual demise, (you cannot steal from the people who vote for you forever) that has looked at all the angles and feathered their nests outside for this very outcome.

It is therefore very unfortunate that a National party is deemed not national and that a Freedom party, and its 15 other party allies are anything but free or advocating any type of Freedom. It is wholly rich of a man of this knowledge and stature in his later years to be so fooled as to use the sins of the Western nations as examples of their intentions over us. If that is the case, it is only this UPFA administration which will sell anything even their mothers for money.

The motto of this administration is only money and power. Whenever they require to suppress dissent, they resort to man’s greed. The most recent example was when there was threatened agitation by farmers who wanted a higher price for their paddy. Their leaders were all bought over by the State apparatus and by stuffing a few cheesy notes into their pockets, they were willing to sacrifice their principles and their followers. It is this kind of nationalism that Mr Dayasiri seems to advocate and not one based on the fundamental integrity of the nation. Let us not forget the premise of the United Nations is the fundamental principle of a sovereign nation to protect itself, and also to be able to determine its fate itself.

That said, when fundamental rights of the citizens of this country are threatened by the elected or stolen regime, it is threat of sanctions and other means that are first used to change the mindset of the regime and when that fails, the threat of intervention. It is this regime that heightens these threats from becoming realized.

This unpatriotic and traitorous conduct is what seems to be advocated by the advocate. It is the UNP that is the only patriotic party in the country. The current administration has learned from their colonial masters to divide and rule. It is this very division of the country into ideologies that this administration thrives upon. It is the very unity of the country that the UNP embodies within one party.

We do not want religious, ethnic or fear mongering parties. We want parties that are nationalist, who adhere to a one nation philosophy of inclusion of all peoples in one nation. This is not subscribed to by this administration. There was a period in the past when the  UNP had to resort to violation of people’s rights, and at that stage DO NOT FORGET that Mahinda Rajapakse was off to Geneva to the Human Rights Council to complain!!! Gomin you know that for a fact don’t you? So what was he ostensibly trying to do? Protect the rights of one set of people in this country who were being persecuted for their beliefs.

We must stop discrediting of parties. The UNP has a leader with failings to capture the imagination of the people to vote for him. It is the only party with a leader who has no blood on his hands. He has not robbed the country blind, unlike the present, mob which I know even Mr Dayasiri agrees is the case. So give the man what he is due. Do not question the integrity of one who has taken nothing from this country, but given to it and use that example of personality and morality, to look carefully at what has been written about him and evaluate the truth in light of the current example of an administration bent on surviving by smoke and mirrors, without a concern for the people and long term sustainability of a nation.

One Way out of this criticism of going outside the nation's boundaries to seek a solution,when one within does not work can only be countered by violence against the state at home, when the people who oppose the state believe they have no option. I do not advocate or condone violence as the way to go, as it begets further violence and is NOT the way to solve pressing issues. Haven't we seen enough of it in the past at least 41 years if not more!

Violence and thuggery is rampant today in all walks of this Government, where every law  seems to be broken with impunity by its lackies with no one being brought to justice. There is no one with clean hands to enforce justice, so the law of the jungle prevails. I believe concentrating on this lack of law and order would have been a more pertinent subject for a lawyer of his distinction to have pontificated on, as they have failed miserably in their profession to uphold the rule of law, and have not criticized public appointments to the judiciary that are political and who do nothing to uphold the law in both judgments and practice and who are wholly traitorous to the cause of freedoms and rights enshrined in the constitution. In light of this when not one white van case has been solved in 4 years we are talking across the table about idiosyncracies of an opposition political party!! 

When eminent people are fooled by rhetoric, to believe what they are told, and who don’t use common sense to ask why, we know there is something morally wrong with our self interested people. A practitioner of law, who had no compunction to fleece clients to amass a fortune talks about nationalism!! It does not matter if this is then left to the nation or to charity, he is still a robber baron.

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