Saturday, April 14, 2012

The First full day of the New Year Dawns – The State of the State

As this is a political blog meant to arouse the readers intellect into the minefield of Sri Lankan politics warts and all it is now time to reflect the state of the political landscape, that enables the ruling Junta to operate in.

Let us start with JVP; ostensibly split, the latest news headlines of the Frontline Socialist Party being shamed by the Govt. to its links with a person Premakumar Guneratnam who was implicated favorably or not with the events of theJVP 89/90 uprising where thousands lost their lives. The revenge of President Premadasa and his army, on young people guilty or innocent, was unleashed. It has also brought to the fore the irreconcilable differences between the two left wing parties, whose national popularity is minuscule to the publicity and media interest it garners. This however suits the rulers who can point to the disarray within its ranks.

Then there is the non-existent SLFP, that of SWRD Bandaranayake, which for all intents and purposes is dead. None of their stalwarts have any power. The Prime Minister, one of the founding members, is just a figurehead and the General Secretary, the current Minister of Health, seething with fury as his position is nothing more than one of a joker, when he should rightly be the Prime Minister in rank. All other SLFP members are disgruntled and unhappy, and only hang on due to the perks of their offices which for greed they do not wish to let go. They are even more upset that those given power are from either the UNP where all the turncoats are in positions of superior authority, when compared with their SLFP counterparts. It is great to have them, as they hold no threat due to their unelectability under this banner in future a fate of many turncoats. All the minor parties in the coalition are just that minor. Their seniors have no political clout, just a few statements made to the media to remind us of their existence. The likes of Champika of the Urumaya and Vitharana of the Lefties or DEW, at least with some balls within COPE, but no power to move any mountains, just to make a noise. People however are fooled by the populist statements of Weerawansa at their peril.

This only leaves the UNP, which is currently embroiled in this fight of the unelectable Sajith as he is too similar to Mahinda, and much worse in stature, and the forever losing Ranil, who though having no black marks like the rest of the MOB, just does not hit it with the masses, who currently prefer to be led by the asses of the South, than by the proven keepers of the purse on behalf of the country and not for personal gain. This state of affairs will last as long as the masses are fooled by the onslaught of good tidings in the guise of mass media propaganda blitz rivaling that of Goebbels.

Whilst on the surface this appears to bode well for dynastic rule, and even majestic rule. the very confidence, cynicism and the manipulation of the minds of the people, and last but by no means least the wholesale ransacking of a nation will finally bare open the traitors for all to see and our wish for our nation is that we can before the year is out get back to some sane governance where the wealth of the nation returns to the people who create it, and not those who plunder it.

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