Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why is the Frontline Socialist Party a threat? – Paranoia

The die-hard breakaway FSP is a thorn in the backside of the State. First it was the abductions by the state apparatus of two in Jaffna  (their whereabouts are still unknown), and then there was the two in the South (Kumaran and Dimuthu), just prior to the convention, which when considering the nature of the outfit drew a substantial following.  This especially as they had to fund their own travel from all parts of the country, unlike all the UPFA conventions, when buses food, money and booze have got to be on the table before a person moves his ass over.

The publicity this outfit has received relative to their size is something I would greatly appreciate if I wanted my ideas to be widely disseminated.

Why I may ask is this? I think that it is the only truly inclusive party in terms of a real effort of being completely blind to race, and are all lefties of the Marxist Leninist fringe. This means that they can recruit amongst Tamils in the North, in a way the UNP which should but has failed to do due to lack of Tamil leadership in Jaffna and the bad association it has with the Tamils due to the pogroms of 1983 and the burning of the Jaffna library, also attributed to a UNP administration.

I am sure the State does not want a rise of an alternative party that represents the interests of the Tamils as much as it represents those of the Sinhala people, albeit a very socialist model of equality. I am convinced that they wish the TNA to be strong as they are so that they can appeal to their traditional voter base and point to the LTTE influence in the TNA as to why they do not wish to loosen their grip in the North. If only the Tamil people in the North truly understand the political dynamic, they can by tactical voting, dropping the TNA completely change the course of History, and hopefully for the benefit of all Sri Lankans.

Ironically the TNA too want the status quo, as they too can play this belligerent jingoistic game, and they can always appeal to the International lobby to keep them well taken care of in their cocooned existence. The Tamil people are the pawns in this game of chess, who can tactically back the UNP, get rid of the TNA and then they will be able to strangle the Rajapakse regime, who will not have a leg to stand on in the international arena, when they embrace a National Party and not a regional one. I trust they will finally realize that with the TNA around it is just going to be a liability for any lasting solution for the Northern and Eastern issue.

The FSP is trying to fill the void created by the disunity of the UNP and lack of progress on the part of the State in even beginning a process of reconciliation. They will not gather a long term following as their philosophy has now proven the world over to be fundamentally flawed with no possibility of a enduring future, except in the minds of a few die hard supporters as it the case everywhere these ideas proliferate. Man's selfishness is where these help thy neighbor and bash the rich concepts come a cropper.

It is all the more important therefore that the UNP are able to muster their support in the North through good contacts and committed workers, to make a dent in the public support in the North to them. The joint Opposition May Day rally is in that sense well intentioned for the decision to be held in Jaffna, but badly executed as the supporters in the North have not been able to gather enough resources to make the Southerners feel welcome and provide relief for those intending make the committed trek up North for a political ideology of a one Nation concept. No doubt the State will use this against the UNP to discredit the ties in the North, with the Tamils, but I trust far thinking Sri Lankans can see the honest attempt made to Unify the country under the UNP. 

The problem as always is the xenophobic South that has been misled by self interested political leaders, who really are not Nationalist at all but insecure in the longevity of their limited self interest, and therefore are attempting by fear to instil a classic patriotism term for pure selfish aims, that are the furthest from patriotism.

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