Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lasantha Goonewardena fmr. Lankaputhra Development Bank Chairman, a donkey who has just made an ASS of himself!

It is without doubt a clear indication of why jobs for the boys is NOT always the right way to go, when you play with Public Property. In a CLEAR source of embarrassment for the Prime Minister, his longtime trusted sidekick, Lasantha, who helped nurture Green Blood and the Colombo District Youth for the UNP, and was a LOYAL supporter of the PM during Ranil W’s battle to hold onto the leadership, was found to be totally unfit to be the Chairman of a Bank, one owned by the people of Sri Lanka. Hell, there are rules that MUST be followed, basic minimum standards of integrity to be a Bank Chairman. Lasantha just did not cut the muster! The details of why he is unfit is in the link below.

Of course the PM who helps people who have stood by him through thick and thin, THOUGHT this was a good position for him, which Lasantha relished and began putting unsuitable stooges and did a MR on the bank putting loyalists over competence! Frankly in hindsight, or even before appointing him, should have realized that he was simply not suitable for such a responsible job in a GOOD GOVERNANCE environment, where cronies should have only been given honorary positions like Boot Licker etc which is common in the UK for those who serve the Queen, as honorary bottle washer etc.

The REALITY is, he should never have accepted this position, if he was at least a little conscious of his incompetence. Now he has let down his BOSS badly, after his boss stood by him not asking him to leave. Of course people of this ilk do not realize how much damage he has done to the UNP by his behavior and effectively to the Govt. This is possibly more damage to the party than any help he gave in bringing it to power in the first place adding to his negative value!

What about the unprecedented ignominy of being fired by the Board, a direct assault on the PM’s boys! Shame on you for being such an ASS, and obviously your ignorance of this fact further reinforces your unsuitability. I wonder how many more of these jokers there are that have to flushed out, to clean up the mess made by bad decisions on the part of the UNP!

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