Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just sat for A levels – Go to work for the Country. There are hundreds of thousands of vacancies

This Country will ONLY develop to satisfy the aspirations of the Youth in future, if they have a positive attitude to work. THIS WORD POSITIVE is the most important word, but young people just don’t have a can do attitude and are looking for the easiest way out where they can HOPEFULLY get something for NOTHING.

Read the link below in the FT of this morning, and you will see that I am NOT writing a load of BS on my blog. Employers are beside themselves with a huge crisis. What is it? They JUST CANNOT FIND PEOPLE TO FILL THE VACANCIES.

We have so many young people, mainly girls sitting at home in NO HURRY TO WORK, because they have not been THROWN OUT OF THE HOUSE! Parents, threaten to throw your kids outside, if they don’t find a job, and contribute to the upkeep of the household, because it is your attitude of spoiling your kids, paying for all their tuition classes, and pocket money, that has lead to this state of inebriation called laziness in our offspring.

Your kids are intelligent, but they think they are really worth more than they currently are, because they have NO experience. Value comes NOT with education alone, but with work experience. I can tell you that every additional day you work, in addition to your qualifications, gives you experience in life, and skills, and MAKES IT MUCH EASIER for you to parlay that into a vocation or job you rally want.

Jobs you want will NOT fall into your lap. You have to make an effort to get them, and show that you are capable of doing them, and the quickest method is getting work experience. The most important being getting to work ON TIME which may sound simple, but is VERY DIFFICULT for Sri Lankan youth for reasons, I am still flummoxed to explain.

SO YOUNG PEOPLE GET YOUR SKATES ON and get a job, there are so many around, it is simply not funny. Sri Lanka is not growing because the companies cannot find people. Sometimes I just wish the Govt. fires about 500,000 then see, how the economy will grow at 10% pa for the next 5 years.

YES YOU READ IT RIGHT. FIRE 500,000 people from Govt. service. It will both make Govt. more efficient and cut down the cost of the Govt. wage bill, reducing the deficit, and improving the public sector efficiency that will lead to growth, but it will allow the employers so desperate for workers to give them the jobs that will grow the economy.

The PUNDITS have got it wrong, the big reason this Country has not grown is that we are at full employment, and those at work are working at a fraction of their capacity. My suggestions above improve this efficiency that goes straight into the growth cycle.

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