Sunday, September 11, 2016

Does the People's Bank spend the people's money to fool the PEOPLE?

The most disgraceful series of full page ads costing millions of rupees using STATE MONEY by the top Management of People's Bank were an attempt to hide the truth.

Read the link: and make of it what you will, and you are entitled to look at the bias of the newspaper that is reporting it and come to your own conclusions as to what you believe is MOST LIKELY

I don't normally trust what is written in Ceylon Today, but there is NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE, and I know that something fishy has gone on. I know in most tenders there is something fishy, and when it comes to State Assets, we the public are entitled to know what is going on.

It is NOT THE FIRST time when People's Bank has been involved in shady deals. I remember how Nayana Dehigama and his NOW prestigious Epic Lanka started out. They had a shady deal with the top management of People's Bank that helped to educate the son of a senior official involved in the Computer and Electronic Readers that were purchased through Epic. I don't know who got how much, but that is how some businesses have started and these leopards DONT change their spots, and now they have some huge deals with the Govt. and there is NO telling who got what to give them the contract. Is it them who have the national passport contract?

It is important that the Govt investigate this transaction, as it is just too high a price to be paid for this under today's technology, and misusing the word digitization in the advertising is an unforgivable crime on the part of the officials who are responsible for putting this ad.

I expect more information to come out in the social media shortly to try and out the crooks within the bank as it is a NATIONAL ASSET that is being stolen by a few unscrupulous BEGGARS in the form of top officials wanting to line their pockets and educate their children overseas!

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  1. Eran Wickremaratne also says not suitable to publish a full page ad on this. Poor judgement!

    What kind of morons have we in the top management of PB. They should be fired and imprisoned for fraud and bribery, or at the very least lack of judgement!

    If this bank was privatized this sort of waste will never happen, the shareholders will make sure of it. So why cant the shareholders of PB the people of Sri Lanka be protected from such scamsters?