Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My request to the 27,603 students who will be enrolled into Universities because of their Z score is PLEASE DON’T GO!

The tuition class going, rote study capable, without an ounce of a practical brain, form the top 27,603 students who will gain entry into the University System for a NO FEE education this year. This is at the expense of the TAX PAYERS throughout the Country who are funding these wretches to get a degree.

This plea to the students who are in the 27,603 who I just was informed based on the Z score for the 2015 A level exams in August 2015, is for the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. You are simply NOT of the quality that the Country has to spend hard earned money on, as you don’t have a direction, just an entitlement because you believe that based on your results, you deserve to go to the State University.

That logic is wrong. There are people with lower results or Z scores, who will do far better on those courses, and WILL be more focused in their studies, if they were permitted to choose the subjects THEY WISH to pursue, and NOT what the system says they should do. For Starters, the 1,000 medical school intake have NO LOVE FOR SRI LANKA and are for the most part TRAITORS, for whom the state will pay over Rs10M each and educate, who will NOT APPRECIATE the sacrifices the farmers make to pay for their education, and who will NEVER GO to the rural areas to help the farmers cope with the Kidney Diseases they are suffering from. They will just WANT TO begin making money charging patients, when they should be working for free to pay off the free education they received.

Instead this 1,000 places MUST reserved for the 1,000 who go overseas or to SAITM, who pay for their own education, and appreciate that it is the vocation they have chosen for life, who should enter the University. They will become the best doctors of Sri Lanka. Just go to any provincial hospital, and you will see ALL the doctors working there are those who have paid for their education in far off countries doing their time to obtain accreditation, whilst those on the big FREEBIE from the SL Government will NOT step into a provincial hospital, and instead look at the first chance to skip the Country, or at the very least, try to make money from their free state education, whilst at the same time demonstrating against the right of others to pay for their education.

I have used the example of doctors, but you can use it for all faculties. JUST TAKE THE FACULTY of AGRICULTURE as another example. 70% of whom are women. NONE OF THEM WILL WANT TO BE IN FARMING. Why is the state educating people in agriculture, if they don’t want to grow a bean?

Are you getting a degree, so that you become MORE ELIGIBLE for marriage? This is simply wrong, that you have prevented someone who really wants to be a farmer from getting an agriculture degree, because you are more capable of MEMORIZING some books to pass exams, whilst the man who did not get your Z score, may have helped his father harvest his fields. You have never seen a paddy field, and you are going to get an agriculture degree. DON’T PLEASE

In short our education system sucks, as even students from Anuradhapura, go to Kurunegala at weekends for tuition, and sit the exam from Anuradhapura, and get in to University, and those other students from Kurunegala who had better Z scores but came from a school in Kurunegala, did NOT even get into the University. IT IS NOT THE SCHOOL YOU WENT TO, BUT HOW GOOD YOUR TUITION MASTER WAS to get you to answer the questions that allowed you to get into the University. So much for the Govt. trying to shut out the students from Kurunegala, who went to Anuradhapura and sat the exams there hoping they will have a better chance of getting in through the more favorable Z score system from there.

THE GOVT as usual is DOING THE WRONG thing, as both sets of students had tuition in Kurunegala, so unless they eliminate all Anuradhapura students who went to Kurunegala ALSO from the z score marking system, there is NO fairness!

Be that as it may and coming back to the main point of my argument, it is a simple word called APTITUDE. This should determine the vocation a student pursues, and the parents are by and large unaware of their child’s aptitude NOT being close to them and what they wish to do in life!

My contention in short is that students with the most aptitude sometimes develop a little later in life, and so may not do well at the A level tuition class exams, but are in fact suited to the course, from which they are excluded. 

To all those of you who say I am crazy as there must be a test to choose Uni Entry, I say, yes, CHANGE the University Entrance more to aptitude and NOT A ROTE LEARNING RESULT. We have gone 70 years after independence and as we have GOT NO WHERE. We should not continue down the wrong path, and in the absence of any proposal to improve on it, a drastic proposal like mine is the best and let us see how that works out. 

MOST Graduates are traitors. Those especially who get first class degrees and go on scholarships to US Universities, and NEVER RETURN, so why should they receive a free education in the first place to give the USA AID in the form of a student worth millions of dollars? The USA should pay the SL govt. US$1M for each student who leaves for the US. That is how much that brain is worth to the US. It is wise to understand that a student who is willing to pay for his education, is MORE LIKELY TO WANT TO DO THAT SUBJECT AS PART OF HIS OVERALL LIFE"S AMBITION and therefore is likely to benefit from the education he receives, and NOT belittle it as is done by those unemployed graduates demanding the state provides them with employment as a RIGHT!

In summary therefore, it is clear that the wrong people get degrees, who don’t then go on to take jobs that are being created, and instead insist of taking Govt. jobs.



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