Wednesday, September 28, 2016

THE DEBATE - Polls prove that all Pundits are parroting Perfidy in Punctilious Pedagogy! Why? Voters despise the vicarious Viragos voicing voluminous verbal tirades on TV

Trump TRUMPS Clinton! The first of the US Presidential debates

Having watched the whole debate in its entirety and listened to a completely biased CNN analysis that used biased poll figures, I am appalled at the one sided coverage of responsible media. Talk about media objectivity! 

You would not know it if you listened to the PUNDITS, just read the various posts in the New York Times Editorial the following day. The “PERFIDY” is annoying!

When the pundits are removed, the huge numbers on online polling show the results are the exact opposite, see below, so what gives?

To think that this was one of the highest EVER rated TV reality shows, was expected, but nevertheless resulted in PURE ENTERTAINMENT. For entertainment value, Trump gave us all, he was just playing himself, warts and all.

Yes Trump is BRASH, he is also a MYSOGINIST like most American men, and like every top ranked Billionaire, employs an army of Tax Consultants, so he pays little if any Federal Income Tax, and any rich industrialist can relate to that. Yes he is a little rich kid, who parlayed a few millions into Billions, and was financially bankrupt along the way. Bankruptcy, helps you to rise again, experiencing the rare phenomenon of losing it all, making one even stronger to make it big! It is pure and simply the AMERICAN DREAM IN A NUTSHELL.

For added value his trademark of trading aging bimbos for another young bimbo, will probably continue after Melania (Melanija) who is now 46 and time for retreading. So it is even questionable she will make it to FLOTUS, as if he wins on November 8th, you can bet that he will dump her for another 20 something, and there will be no surprises. In a nutshell we (that is the American people) know who Donald Trump is. He is NOT trying to put a false veneer.

Trump’s Alicia Marchado moment, shows that even after the Clinton goading, planned well before the debate to use her in ads to highlight his penchant for belittling women, and Latinas with FAT shaming, he has NO apologies, and she (Marchado) on AC360 this morning, flatly denied she knew of this in advance! Give me a break I was not born yesterday, and her denial is in itself, a vindication to the American (on the fence voter) that it was just part of Hilary’s dirty tricks, and extension of her notorious past of trying to dig up dirt on her opponents, which went tragically wrong in the 2008 campaign, that few dig up today, when her seemingly easy canter to the White House was tripped up by Obama.

Of course this first below the belt shot by the Clinton campaign will OPEN Hilary up for a merciless beating of a battered wife, of POTUS who had an insatiable appetite for the young things, because of her REAL LACK OF WARMTH!

All the sympathy will be with TRUMP, once the public understand the set-up, negating a supposedly cunning ploy that initially WILL show her upper hand, but will come back to haunt her, as people DON’T like obvious deception.

Her performance WILL NOT endear herself to the American people, because she did not come out of the debate as the women being scorned, as he husband aptly did that long ago. The DONALD took the hits like a man, and showed his lack of cunning by meekly accepting many of the charges, a sure acceptance that WE ALL have of our failures and weaknesses.

People can really relate to personality defects, as ALL posses them in bulk. There is NO such person as perfect as we all know, because the examples of people in high places who have a tendency to have a hidden Achilles heal, that gets exposed.

All this said, after 30 years in the spotlight in Politics, DO WE STILL KNOW HILARY?  

No one doubts the simple beginnings of a draper’s daughter being the first lady of the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas, before graduating to the White House, as Bill’s story of Hope from Hope Arkansas is only too well known, and Hilary just cannot ride on the back of a story that is known for 30 years with NO NEW BITS.

While we were NOT let down by Trump’s performance on cue, Hilary JUST DID NOT rise to the occasion. She may have won a one sided debate, and that is because the DONALD did not debate her on the issues she brought up. He was too ill prepared with facts, and did not wish to confront a fact checking junky, and that too was completely expected. They both were in (to quote the hip word of the day) in parallel universe, with no interlinking  thread to connect them.

This meant the debate was reduced to theatre, the audience of 88M just in the US rooting for the underdog, who for the first time was the MALE where Hilary took the Alpha male and aggressive role, to which the DONALD, seemed quite comfortable to concede to. 

It will become clear as the days go by, that her supposed win DOES NOT give her a fillip in the polls, proving all pundits are parroting in punctilious pedagogy. The voter on the other hand despises the vicarious viragos voicing voluminous verbal tirades on TV, that will backfire!  

By the way I am a rabid supporter of Barak Obama, which hopefully makes me objective in my analysis here, but would NOT vote for either candidate in this case! 

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  1. The actors and the audience appear to want Reality TV - They got it. It has NOTHING to do with determining who should be the President of the US for the next 4 years.