Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Of the first 27,000 who will enter University this year based on results, 5,000 have already rejected going

to University in the State System, and so the next 5,000 will get the chance. Should they take it either? NO NO NO

It is important we know why they have rejected a free education, so that we can actually tailor our University syllabi, and education systems to better understand that we are in fact “DOING A DISSERVICE” to our students by giving them a free education.

Some reasons they have REJECTED the STATE SYSTEM

1                   Too long to hang around to enter, as many have already done ONE year in a private university program and have 2 more years in University to get their degree.

2                   Four year degrees MUST be reduced to THREE as you are too old to get a job, when you get your degree at age 26 when most private employers like to enroll graduates at age 22, who then get a head start in life, and income and EXPERIENCE.

3                   There are NO relevant degree courses for their preferred subjects of study.

4                   The ranking of the Sri Lankan University are way below even the worlds 1000th university, meaning that in the Global Marketplace, this degree is WORTHLESS

5                   The lecturers and professors can be bought, and so there is NOT meritocracy in the marking of the degree papers by the professors, who ONLY want the students to literally suck up to them, where there is a lot of sexual favors for degree marks, completely voiding the value of a Sri Lankan degree in the eyes of the potential employer.

6                   As above, it is perceived that it is better NOT to get a degree AT ALL rather than getting a degree from the State University, due to the product that the University system is supposed to churn out. Typically the private sector is under the impression that the graduate just wants to do nothing and get paid as he believes the Country OWES him a living. NOT the other way round, where they owe the Country a living having benefited enormously from the state in receiving a free education.

7                   Today experience counts more than education, and it is better to do a degree later, once one’s career path is clearer, so that the degree followed in the private sector is MORE IN LINE with the vocation one has decided to follow which will ONLY become apparent with maturity. The state system does not allow the flexibility of mature specific degrees. 

Of course this does not amount to all the reasons, but I would implore the UGC or the Govt. to write a questionnaire to all those who have NOT taken up the chance and tell them they will pay them Rs1000 each if they complete the questionnaire which will give the Country a good basic understanding of what is wrong with our totally wasteful university education system, that does not produce the needed person to add value to the Country's development. 


  1. It is time the UGC that governs the State Universities take all the reasons above and then some, and try and find out how they can challenge and neutralize each of them one by one!

    Only then will the University Internatinal Ranking improve, AND a degree from a SL University be worth something. Today, I believe ONLY Moratuwa Computer and Engineering Graduates are in demand.

  2. Broadly speaking going to a Sri Lankan University is like going to hell and never being able to fully return to earth!

    Very few actually have a positive outcome into their lives, and when they look back on this experience regret their choice.

    An essay such as this is good for prospective students, to rethink what they want to do, and then make a choice knowing the pitfalls ahead.

    1. Cant speak for Commerce and Arts grads.
      The STEM field degrees are recognized in the US for starters. Science degree and GRE will be sure bet to get admission to grad school with Teaching/Research assistant stipend.

      Even our 3 year nursing degree is recognized. Then get CGFNS Certification and get a job anywhere in the world.

      Getting a STEM degree in Sri Lanka is the equivalent of winning a lottery.

      Proud and happy Science degree holder from Sri Lanka