Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How fair is it for the Media to criticize the seemingly underhand actions of Govt. Ministers?

The long article by Neville de Silva reporting from London for the Sunday Times this past Sunday (link shown: http://www.sundaytimes.lk/160904/columns/media-exposes-that-irk-our-ministers-207395.html ) clearly summarizes in a nutshell, how easy it is in the opposition to support a free press, and how in Govt. the free press you honestly believe is against you.

In Sri Lanka the problem is that those being criticized are a bunch of incompetent buffoons who cannot organize a discussion between civilized people as they themselves are BEYOND THE PALE! So when the Media pick on a juicy piece of news, 80% true, and 20% stretching it, they seize on the 20% and try to challenge the Media, honestly believing them to be unfairly blamed.

Politicians do not realize that they only tell half truths, and that is NOT acceptable to the public. They even believe these half truths, and say that the previous regime was beyond the pale, and they did not get even an ounce of that medicine. That is ALL TRUE. However in an age of YAHAPALANAYA all is fair when something smells a rat.

As is referred to in the article, why did Mangala drop the whole plot of MR to hold on to power? Neville implies that it was a canard, as he is partial to the Rajapakses. He is probably a beneficiary of their largesse! I say it was the truth, but it now seems like a lie, because it was NOT pursued, by the govt. to get to the bottom of the story.

My interpretation is that, a deal was struck with the PM, NOT to go against his erstwhile foe Mahinda, for something in return. IT IS THE MEDIA’S JOB TO UNEARTH THE TRUTH, and they patently failed. No point Neville just saying it was all a figment of Mangala’s imagination.

When the Media then picks and chooses when and what they want to report, they too owe it as a duty to the PUBLIC to follow to the bitter end ALL these leads. THEY DON’T and there-in lies the fault of the MEDIA and their credibility.

Frankly the Media is NO better than the daylight robbers in Parliament. They are one and the same, who can be paid to do anything, and the losers are the public to whom the fourth estate owes a duty to protect. Until we have media we can believe in who follow through a story to the bitter end, we cannot expect politicians to behave, as all criticism of Media itself is suspect, due to their MOTIVES!  

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