Thursday, September 22, 2016

BRANGELINA – is pure entertainment, nothing else

In an entertainment crazy world, where film stars are deified, and revered, for reasons, I know not why, we must understand that human frailties are common to all. So in this controversial divorce proceedings of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, we have NO clue of what is real, and what is make believe and the pundits in the press continue to play upon our common emotions by making statements, sometimes with contrived evidence, interpreted anyway they choose to make their points, and it becomes the talking point in dinner table conversation.

The links are all to the private lives and loves of these stars, warts and all, and for those who wish to live a vicarious life they do then help yourself. Personally, I don't think it is intrusion into their lives, as they have handsomely profited from their public life, open and sometimes stage managed for their benefit, sometimes this can go wrong, but it goes with the territory.

Yes it is mere entertainment for those who have NOTHING better to do with their lives. The news maybe contrived by the protagonists so they maximize their brand with this FREE publicity worth BILLIONS, which will eventually enable them to parley it for BILLIONS into their own pockets. It is simply the business of high profile, and in the news people who are smarter than the gullible public in taking the public for suckers in their high stakes game of POKER that enriches them NO END.

In my opinion, the losers are the jokers who believe all the crap that is written, as well as the innocent 6 children of this couple who will be the object of sympathy, compassion, and sometimes even derision, which will make their own lives very public, and MAY affect them negatively in the future.


For Angelina, being Jon Voight’s daughter, fame has been something she has contrived since birth for her advantage, and she may have done some good as the UNICEF Ambassador and Brad Pitt too may have given publicity to charitable causes, therefore helped humanity in their own ways. The quid pro quo and value to each is hard to measure, except to say that it is a two way process, that increases the brand of the individual, as well as the charity the wish to assist.

Take the current saga of Clooney and Amal, his wife, who are making the rounds in the UN, with regards to refugees. They too are hugely privileged people giving publicity to a cause, but who are really untouched by the world crisis, and some critics, attribute this to fame seeking to build their brand being far more of a priority over the real issue of refugees, and how to tackle this seemingly insurmountable problem. There is NO DEFINTE conclusions I can come with from either of these hot topics of the day. I know posterity will look at this as just another story to keep the Media employed, as just imagine, if we did not have these stories, we will NOT have anything interesting to write about. This is all much of a muchness, that the Amazon Tribes, will not lose any sleep over, having bigger problems.

In Conclusion, the moral of the story, is if you treat this as of ONLY entertainment value, which it really is as you don't know how to dissect truth from fiction, you will not go wrong, and will not dwell on it as it is like going to the movies, but better as it sounds real, though even this is only partly real, and part fantasy!

In a world where news is all about tragedy and death, I suppose the human being needs distraction and there is something called the entertainment media, whose whole job is to bring it to our homes, but don't forget all stakeholders make a good living out of it.


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