Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sat for A levels in August 2016 – Then you MUST already be enrolled in a course of your choice

University, Diploma, Professional Qualification, Vocational IT DOES NOT MATTER but you SHOULD BE FULLY ENGAGED in WORK/STUDY by today, September 21st 2016 if you wish to succeed in life!

If you think you want to go to the STATE University system and will await results for a POSSIBILITY of going to CAMPUS then you are NON COMPUS!

So what gives? Why have I made such a disturbing statement? It is for you to consider very carefully, and determine what it is you want in life, and how you should get what you want in the most PRACTICAL method possible.

If you are enrolled in a field of study you wish to follow as that is what your interests lie, then let us say you are 18, the course of study is 3 years. You will get a degree at the end of it and it will cost you Rs2M for this course with a foreign accredited qualification.

I presume you have also considered your employability once you get your degree, by both consulting the careers advisory section of the University you have enrolled in (PRIVATE OR SEMI PRIVATE in the case of NIBM affiliated courses)

At 21 at time of graduation, with the help of your University, you would already have interned with a private organization, which should have offered you a position upon completion, beginning with a salary of Rs40,000 a month, as you will now be fully fluent in English as the whole course was conducted by English Speaking lecturers some from overseas!

Assume after two years of work experience, you either work their or use your experience and knowledge to parley into another local job at Rs50,000, if overseas of course the package could be in excess of Rs100,000.

By the time you are 26 you would have earned a gross income of Rs2.8M, which you could have used to off your loan of Rs2M with interest! And have some left over.

However more important, when you are 26 you have been on a salary of a minimum of Rs50,000 for three years and will now be able to command Rs75K or higher due to experience. Your friend who opted to go to the NO FEE Education system provided by the State would have after a 4 year special degree, be looking for a first job, with highest offers for no experience of Rs 20K a month!

In both cases I have assumed you would have stayed at home, so in both cases living costs would have been the same, either provided by your parents or other means, only showing the difference between choosing the state system with a degree NOT recognized outside Sri Lanka and starting with a salary of Rs20K if you are lucky, or with a recognized degree internationally, NO LOANS and currently earning Rs75K a month at age 26, ready to get married and settle down.

What would you chose?

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