Thursday, September 29, 2016

The US Congress (House and Senate) has failed the PEOPLE of the USA

It was a very sad day for diplomacy, when the asinine US Congress voted OVERWHELMINGLY to overturn President Obama’s veto of the 9/`11 bill which allows Private Prosecution of the Saudis for complicity in the terror attacks on US soil.

Of course the US Congress reflects the will of the people, and in an election year when ALL the House seats are up for re-election, they don’t want to go to their constituents and explain why they voted.

However in reality Obama was the statesman here. He will be praised for his veto, as now the US National Security is under threat due to this vote, as foreign powers are LESS likely to cooperate, and more likely in the future, to bring lawsuits against the US for all kinds of crimes the US is engaged around the world in the pursuit of national interest.

Remember the National Interest of the US is NOT necessarily the national interest of the Country, that the US bombs using drones, and kills innocent civilians as part of the collateral damage. Now these civilians aided by deep pockets of anti-US Countries will SUE the perpetrators in the US courts for crimes, which if proved unlawful, can have GRAVE consequences for the future of the US operations across the world, ostensibly as ALWAYS in the national interest.

This is a clear example for historians of why we have the veto for the President, and as he is a lameduck, is not likely to do what is popular but what is right, which may be unpopular. Why could Congress NOT take this up before the elections?

I don’t have the technical reason for that, but would say, that if the lawmakers in the US think honestly that what they passed is in the BEST INTERESTS of the US, not merely that of the few people intent on suing Saudi Arabia, the US’s strongest Ally for the 9/11 attacks, there is something serious wrong in their logic.

No doubt as days pass, much will be written about it, and inevitably the overwhelming consensus will be that this will put the US in grave danger in future, when pursuing acts of aggression outside its borders. Its OK if you don’t want to venture outside your shores, but that is NOT the US psyche is it? Over to you.

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