Thursday, September 22, 2016

Angela Merkel – A true saint of the ages – lets not forget it, EVER!

The German Chancellor for the past 11 years, has risked her PERSONAL popularity and name for posterity by taking in, "WITHOUT FLINCHING" a million refugees in 2015 from ALL parts of the world. Many genuine Syrian Muslim refugees, but within them were Many Afghan Economic Refugees, the odd ISIL convert bent on trouble, and refugees fleeing African Countries for a myriad of reasons, including economic, persecution, poverty, and HOPE for a better life arising out of ALL of the above.

Let us be practical, when faced with streaming thousands of refugees in the summer of 2015 unleashed on Germany, as Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria merely enabled them to get to Germany as quickly as possible in a very unkind way of telling them all that they were NOT welcome on their shores, and the determination of the refugees ALSO to go to Germany, where they hoped for a BETTER LIFE.

Don’t forget the refugee of 2016 is an OPPORTUNIST. They want a better life and will go to any Country they believe they will be better off in. After all Jordan, and Lebanon, have the most number of refugees of all the Countries, on a per capita basis, and they are STILL in camps, with the world NOT appreciating how hard it is for these countries to cope with this influx. They are awaiting resettlement!

It was the most NIMBLE, youthful, industrious, opportunistic, risk averse who made the trek to Germany. They WILL BE THE most useful workers for the NEW GERMANY, and Merkel will be vindicated long after she is dead and buried.

The article attached goes onto say that Merkel
(who grew up in communist East Germany, possibly under hardship used her Christian beliefs to give charity to the homeless, welcoming ALL not knowing how many that word all would become) trying to atone for Germany’s Nazi past HAS unwittingly opened the latent NAZI DEMONS. Let us hope it is a temporary setback to true Lutheran Christian of our ages.

NOT ALL DESERVING people have claimed asylum in Germany. Many rogues and criminals and misogynists in the guise of the Muslim moniker have entered Germany. It is the DUTY of the German efficiency to root out these people in their presence and RE-EDUCATE them into German values, to understand their good fortune, in being openly and graciously welcomed by Christian values of charity! 

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