Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is the PM deliberately deceiving the Public or is he just ignorant?

In a speech ironically in Biyagama on Sunday, (see links below for details as reported both by the Daily News and the Daily Mirror – therefore not heresy) the Prime Minister categorically stated that he is planning on 50 more industrial zones.

Has anyone told him yet that there are 35,000 job vacancies in Biyagama alone? Is he going to create Zones so we can import labor from India to work there? In Biyagama there are 50 empty closed factories, primarily for want of workers at a price that the business can operate profitably. Clearly as one who has NEVER run a business, the PM is talking COCK!

Sri Lanka in a major crisis, where there are NO people FIT AND PROPER to fill the job vacancies that currently exist. Just because a zillion people apply for one job in the Public Sector does not mean there are unemployed people. They just want an easy job, where there is NO stress and they receive a paycheck for life!

Sri Lanka is the only full employment Country in the world, where people who want to work have a huge selection to choose from, and those who don’t can sit and wait till what they are looking for comes around, which it may never! ALL THE GOVT MUST DO is to provide the training, skills and MOTIVATION above all for people to fill the jobs that do exist, and if there are NO takers then ALLOW the businesses to import labor to do the jobs, if this economy is to grow.

Then he talks about the Govt. giving a salary bonanza! Does he realizes that by forcing the Private Sector to give a Rs2500 a month increase he has pauperized many companies who cannot now invest for growth. TO repeat as someone who have never run a business he cannot relate to it, and his staff and hangers on who have run companies don’t have the balls to tell him a few home truths, lest they fall out of favor. Today, being in the inner circle of the PM is the most important goal in life, NOT THE TRUTH of about life.

Can someone with guts, please tell the Prime Minister that he is really BARKING up the wrong tree, and for the benefit of this Country, put his effort into, changing the mindset of the underemployed people to take the jobs that do exist, and not wait for Govt. jobs. You need guts to tell 1,000,000 three wheel drivers they are traitors. We only need 200,000 over age 50 drivers who earn Rs150Kpm, using the UBER concept. The rest, able bodied can be released to highly remunerative work.

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