Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yesterday, The US Navy Secretary flew in and out of Trinco direct in his private (as in the US Government’s) Gulfstream! NO ONE PICKED IT UP

It is all over the Sri Lanka Navy website, with the Navy Commander ingratiating himself with him, with photos of the visit. What do we glean from it?

Think about it, he can go under the radar metaphorically that is, on Island hopping visits! They would NOT reciprocate would they for our equivalent? Say no more as to whose sphere of influence we are now under.

I have already said that our defense ties with the US are getting close, and the next step is to lease one of the three Natural Harbors in Trinco to the US Navy and its Fleet including Aircraft Carrier Fleet of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Command, for about US$500M per annum. It is both in the strategic interest of the US, and India that that is in the US sphere of influence, and will keep them happy.

As a Counterweight in any case we seem to be ready to lease Hambantota to the Chinese and in the not too distant future, I would expect to see a Chinese Aircraft Carrier in Hambantota, whilst at the same time a large US Aircraft Carrier is at Trincomalee.

Finally Sri Lanka is exercising its locational advantage and resources to leverage them for the benefit of the Country.

Where is the news media on this? Asleep on the job no doubt!

The US Ambassador was nowhere to be seen, and I wonder if RAW intelligence knew about it. Presumable Atul Keshap to put them off the scent stayed on in Colombo to entertain an Assistant Secretary of State Todd, who is in town, one of Biswal’s sidekicks!

All this leads to intrigue, on the US Government’s intentions towards Sri Lanka. I am sure the PM’s office is kept abreast of this by the CIA operatives in the Island, if not already inside TT, but too bad the local Intelligence Services are not in the loop!

Gosh all these spies and double agents must be causing all sorts of problems in knowing who is what! Russians with a huge Embassy, that unless its filled with spies, is a total white elephant and the Chinese on the same street up the road, with the UK High Commission in between the two, and the US ready to expand their Embassy in front of TT, and the Indian by far the most numerous being across the pond is creating a right royal raw material for an intriguing future of proxy wars.

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  1. From the official website of the Navy on 22nd Sept. 2016. Of course the web page DOES NOT have a date, typical of the Navy, who upon a complaint from above can erase it from the web site and pretend it never occurred.

    This is when the Navy Commander went to the US Symposium of Navies held at Newport Rhode Island
    Lets hope it stays on the link: