Saturday, April 2, 2016

When the same rogues are in favor whichever Govt. is in power – corruption continues

The unsuspecting public are being taken for a ride by ALL those who we have elected.

Make no bones about it. Those who have made billions from Govt. contracts don’t shy away from having politicians on both sides as their strange bedfellows. That is why the purloining of approximately US$300M only on the Norochcholai disaster has not come to the surface, or investigative activity of the FCID. The figures are so huge, everyone who is anyone can be paid off, so they look the other side and NOT upset the applecart.

The people of Sri Lanka know it, but believe they individually cannot do anything about it as all Politicians can be bought for money, and there is NOTHING they can do about it. They hoped, believed and had faith, that the Sirisena bandwagon would expose and prosecute, but so far it is extremely little and on spurious areas.

It is quite possible that the skill of the FCID team is limited, as they are not being paid sufficient salaries to attract the real stars, who can extract all the data of the deals, but have to be paid about Rs500K a month, and no public servant or Govt. wishes to authorize these paltry sums, so that at least US$5B of big time crime can be solved, whether we receive any of the loot is another matter.

This type state looting that took place brazenly during the Rajapakse Administration, is responsible for much of our woes today, and we knew that when the shit hits the fan it will certainly be uncomfortable, however the behavior of the present Govt. which still only talks about new cars for MPs in the front page of the best selling weekly paper the Sunday Lankadeepa, means that nothing has changed, and the current crop of crooks though not as massive rogues as the earlier lot are nevertheless rogues.

Further the allegations in the same paper of the number of MPs of parliament who have been given liquor licenses (100+) and in total peoples representatives numbering over 1,200 who have been given such licenses goes to prove why politics is such a rewarding career when they take the people to the cleaners.

It is estimated that the average license holder earns around Rs10M a year (some more some less) by having a license which they either use for their own shop, or obtain a rent if someone else is actually running the show. What is worse is that this income is not even shown in their tax returns and therefore taxed, which means it is an amount approximating to over Rs15M net income a year that a business would earn on which it has to pay taxes.

How do you break this cycle? Get rid of all MPs and only permit a completely new set, not related to the previous set into seeking election in future.  

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