Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another story to distract the people from their TAX BURDEN! Sampanthan

The rumpus of the Leader of the Opposition, Sampanthan, and 50 of his cohorts entering an Army Camp in Kilinochchi area, has been blown up and made to sound so hush hush that it is creating a buzz that it DOES NOT deserve, but is being done INTENTIONALLY to take the public notice out of the more important matters of State, namely the huge increase in VAT, (now for every rupee you spend on your phone, 54 goes to the Govt. in Vat and other taxes.

Granted I don’t know the circumstances of what happened and why, but I do know that this group entered the camp without prior permission or authorization as would be the case if he wanted to enter the camp. So when basic protocol which any child can understand, was NOT followed, it creates an incident, that is now splashed around the press, as they have nothing better to report on. This is causing an unnecessary huff in the press, which the Govt. is RELEIVED as their more immediate problems of taxing the poor gets to the second page, when this takes center stage.

This Sampanthan bashing exercise hot on the heals of the Northern Federalism Resolution is just fuel to ignite the racist card, on BOTH sides, when in fact this is merely the bankrupt politicians in the TNA shouting their final battle cries, that are completely being ignored, by the Northern Tamil population, who instead of rhetoric want action on the part of the Provincial Govt. to improve the quality of their lives, to match the promises made.

THE NPC seem oblivious to the local needs, or worse a contempt to them, as their agenda is different to what the people of the North really want. It is NOT federalism, or even the amalgamation of the two provinces, it is simply the chance to live in dignity in their own areas, without harassment from either the army or even public officials, and their basic needs be met, and giving the NGOs the basic courtesies to carry out their tasks in an increasing environment of lack of resources.

Now all this has been swept under the carpet and the racist forces will be hollering on much ado about nothing. No politician is capable of calling what is, and instead is looking to a following to back him up, when no following is needed when one speaks the truth, even if it hurts those who are bent on an ideological game of deception, that both the TNA and the likes of NFF are in! 

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