Monday, April 25, 2016

Syria has only 14M people left and is three times the size of Sri Lanka

It is time for Sri Lanka to takeover Syria, as otherwise the USA will take it over! Listen guys I am serious. The war will end soon. None of the refugees who have fled outside of Lebanon will want to return, so for such a beautiful and fertile Country with highly intelligent and industrious people, who better to lead them to their destiny, but tiny Sri Lanka.

Have any of you really understood what is at play here? Europe, especially Germany have taken the best and brightest of Syria, and are teaching them, German. They are as white as the snow, and within 40 years they will have assimilated to help the German State to be the largest and most powerful in Europe, unless of course the UK take as many of their talented people and do the same.

The problem is Germany has done a great job of assimilating minorities unlike the UK that does its best to create diversity and then buggers it up right royally by Ghettoising the place full of immigrants, and preventing assimilation by decree!

It is the Muslim faith that is a potential threat, but if the Turks are any thing to go by who have migrated to Germany in their zillions, I am sure the Syrians are MORE pragmatic, and will eventually embrace Christianity, as the example of the sheer carnage of the Shia Sunni split in the Middle East is enough for the Muslim faith in non- Muslim countries to disappear.

I know there are many naysayers to my theory that the faith is a way of life, but when that way of life and Sharia Law in particular confronts the first world, you have a natural abrasion that requires smoothening and that will only happen if the Germans embrace the new immigrants.

See how the Pope brought just three Syrian families and showed how gracious the Christian faith is to non-Christians, something Muslims will hardly ever do in a Muslim Country. Every Muslim Country on earth has made the lives of non-Muslims more difficult, and I don’t have to keep giving excuses for them anymore except to say, that there is right and wrong, and when in the end right triumphs over wrong, you can decide who the real winners and losers are.

When I see the self destruction in the name of the Muslim faith by Muslims, I shudder to think that the poor Palestinians will suffer their faith, and no one will come to rescue them from  the Jewish onslaught not because they are Muslim, as there are many Christian Palestinians too! But because of the lack of compassion of other Muslims in Arab lands who don’t really care a damn.   

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  1. Actually there may be less now! There are 2.7M refugees in Turkey many living in miserable conditions, but highly educated people amongst them.

    There there are a further 1.5 in Lebanon, and possibly 500,000 in Jordan.

    We must plan ahead for when Syria is free and clear of terrorists, and we are ready to benefit from that scenario.

    We only have to think post 2009 so let us buy as much real estate in Damanscus and Aleppr for starters.