Thursday, April 21, 2016

In the Govt.’s desperation, ethics have been set aside in favor of ease of collection!

The easiest tax to collect is the 15% on Telcos, and on top of the already 25% tax, now with the VAT on top, for every Rupee we spend on a call, 40 cents go to the Govt. a HUGE regressive tax on the poor, who are most addicted to phones, and have no clue how much they spend on their phones, as they just keep topping up when they run out, and 99% when asked how much they spend on their phones have NO CLUE, with the Govt. the sure winner in this game!

Is our President a ROYAL IDIOT for making classic statements, the last one when he said he WILL NOT BURDEN THE POOR WITH TAXES! What was the first paragraph? Burdening the poor, more, after all they are already burdened with Telecom Tax, Alcohol Tax and Cigarette Tax, and however much you try to justify, it is the poor who drink, smoke, use the phone and therefore for a person who is on Rs20,000 a month, he pays about Rs7,000 a month on taxes for the above alone. DO you know that is the same as some one who pays Income Tax on a monthly income of Rs120,000? So you the reader decide if we have a mental retard leading us!

Of course he does not understand taxes, NOT ONE BIT, so it is laughable when we hear that he along with the PM and the Finance Minister, the latter also a right royal idiot, are the ones tasked with deciding how we tax our people so it does NOT burden the poor! Man who are we kidding?

We must have an absolute first grade pass not even ata pass in the media, who are unable to explain this simple fact in the media, so that hopefully the President will read it and realize that is just not suited for the job, along with almost all in parliament. It is only once the uneducated people who realize this will something happen for the better in this island of morons.

Now Education, and Health will also have VAT. Just think how much the poor are dependent on Private Education and Health! Again our Royal Dumbo does not understand that yet! Tuition is NOT just for the rich, it is for ALL. It is a necessity if one expects to pass, as the State School System is full of dumbo teachers, who are NOT up to it!

When you go to a hospital the doctor tells you to come to his private clinic in the evening for a consultation, tests that will cost another 15% more, again it is the poor who will have to pay, as they are also the more sickly, maybe due to lack of education, and lack of knowledge on nutrition, but nevertheless they are the poor!

When will the tax take really hit the rich? Will they ever Mr Dumb President? 

We had 10 years of Rajapakse lying to us, please don't continue on this same wicket. THE least is you owe it to the people who appointed you to make some intelligent comments, if you can't appoint those with brains who can.

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