Monday, April 25, 2016

Time for Sri Lanka to offer to take 1,000 refugee families from Syria!

Humanitarian Sri Lanka! Think again! We don’t have a humanistic bone in our body. As a Country we SHOULD have offered on humanitarian grounds to take 1,000 Syrian refugee families.

The detractors will say, that with so many displaced people in Sri Lanka, how can we take any more people? Well I say, most countries who are taking in refugees have problems of their own, and in some cases serious problems. I say resettling refugees, will be a wake up call for Sri Lankans in how desirable their Country is vis a vis other Countries, and will teach us to take care of our Country better and appreciate what we have, and try our best to preserve it rather than destroy it as is the case at present.

With the Govt. and Opposition doing their best to ruin this Country, as if it is a competition to determine who is better at ruining, a thousand Syrian Refugees, will show the Sri Lankan living here, that others can make a go of Sri Lanka, where people here have NOT EVEN MADE AN EFFORT.

This is a Country where at least 10,000 more millionaires can be created in the next three years, but without a thinking cap on our citizens do not know where to begin, to take advantage of the massive opportunities available, and instead expect the Government to provide an non-existent job, in a non- existent institution, with a non-existent objective, in a non-existent place!  

As an exercise of global inclusiveness, I sincerely believe we must do this. I for one will take one family, as I am sure I will be able to benefit such that the income that this family can generate for me, will exceed the cost I have to bear, and this family therefore WILL be a net benefit to Sri Lanka. Frankly the people who live here, wasting their lives, as alcoholics and no hopers are the ones who need to know that they are the surplus to requirements and foreigners are the ones who contribute to the improvement of our economy.

Most progressive Countries in the world have recognized that, and the 50,000 the US takes every year on their diversity lottery, attests to that thinking. Our thinking is we cant even get our act to together to take the 350,000 jobs going a begging, but we will not even give an educated refugee a chance to take those jobs to improve Sri Lanka either! It is that kind of archaic third calls thinking that is predominant in this Country, and that cuts across all classes, and levels of education, with sometimes the most educated, like doctors, and University professors, the most reluctant to open doors out of sheer greed for preserving their state of being able to maximize their greed at the expense of our society, as any competition, more superior than them will NOT be tolerated.

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  1. Send a team to the refugee camps asap to interview people, and at the same time, ask our generous people to host a family, so there will be NO burden on the state, and there will be an added benefit of Educated and Enterprising people in the Country.

    After all if our best leave our shores, we should be able to replace them with the best from other Countries, not the incapable ones who remain, like those in Politics.

    People go into politics because they are not able to do anything and you will never employ one would you? Unless you are a Rogue of course