Friday, April 22, 2016

GMOA – Anti India stance is part of a greater problem with our Doctors

It is interesting to note that Sri Lankan doctors just don’t like the possibility of Indian doctors and the medical industry of India taking any more inroads into the Sri Lankan Health Sector.

As if Apollo story was not enough, when later it was named Lanka Hospitals ALL the cardiac surgeons in Sri Lankan private hospitals are Indian! Why our Sri Lankan doctors are very happy earning their dollars in the US or elsewhere having had a free education here!

Competition is greater in India, and so there are openings for qualified Indian doctors in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan doctors don’t like that as they see a flood of doctors from India will reduce their ability to fleece patients, and now there is a plan to freeze channeling costs to see specialists as it is becoming too expensive for the average person to channel a doc, and soon with the imposition of 15% vat it will become even more expensive.

I am sorry whatever guise our doctors try to put on this and the latest being the Malaria scare blamed on Indians, the doctors collectively are even against ETCA because there is a greater likelihood of Indian doctors coming here than reverse, but that will reduce the cost of physician fees, and that is a good thing, though SL doctors will try to say that they are more qualified or better! That is just subjective, and a wholly unproven assumption, in fact that Indians with more competitive situations, and better training and more experience may in fact be better!

Just like the opposition to the Malabe Private Medical College, because it is likely that the facilities will become better than State Hospitals, they students are trying to pretend that their clinical experience is better. Frankly, the future of medicine is in technology, Which Malabe will prove to be far better at due to the mess the state sector is in, in not getting the latest technology.

GMOA and SL doctors! In the end the patient needs better choice, better prices, more reliable service and quality, and an ambulance service! You provide NONE of this, so don’t try and prevent someone who can. You guys are greedy, incompetent, and patient unfriendly, so competition from India will force you to improve your product, and service, and that can only be good for the patients, who come first, not doctors as you think. You get a free education, and you are playing the system, without giving anything back, its time you learn.

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