Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Every bit of news you read about MAY Day in SL are lies, but we believe!

The May Day rally season is on, and for two weeks prior and one week post, the Media, will be reporting news about it for public consumption, but none of it has a grain of truth attached to it. They parrot what the liars spout!

This year with the JO rally in Kirulapone, the political parties have an added reason to lie! The UNP in their enthusiasm, to fool the public the most, that their rally is the best attended, will multiply the numbers by 10 times, and the Media, will report it, as they are frightened of telling the truth, as the PM will blast them for lying! That is the state of the STATE!

I read yesterday that the NYF the youth wing of the UNP will be bringing at least 25,000 and in today’s papers it was 10,000, the reality being about 1,000! So who is trying to kid whom? Take youth for instance, they are the last people who will come to a May Day rally unless they are forced, or ideologically misled such as the well organized and regimented JVP rally at the BRC grounds every year. At least the cost is borne by them, not for patronage of benefit!

FOR YOUTH rallies are so last century, they are in the FB and Social Media age, they have NOTHING to gain from walking in the heat of the day and standing like ‘morons’ for hours in the hot sun. as they have much better things to do with their time. The oldies and party faithful on the other hand will join as if it is a right of initiation to the hall of fame, but their presence will NOT be noted in any document, and in their respective Electorate Hall of Fame for the number of times the person has participated in May Day rallies, there is NONE!~

So would you if you were intelligent, go to a May Day rally where your Electoral Organizer does not have the decency at least to have your name on a list of participants of the May Day 2016 rally? If truth be told then, less than a handful of Organizers actually have an accurate list of participants, and those who attend don’t have even a modicum of common sense, to be led like lambs to slaughter for their demi-god politicians, who arrive in their Rs50M vehicles and, who will ignore their existence the following day!

Now the talk is will he or wont he, about MR attending the JO one, as you know he will NOT attend the UPFA/SLFP on in Galle. I found it interesting that all the females associated with MR were put on a pic saying they are all going to the JO one, if only to persuade people to come to see them, as most of them are air heads as in actresses! These are the levels to which the desperate are making statements in the press, with latest threat being that those NOT attending the rally in Galle will NOT get any position in the party in future!

All told, about Rs100M will be wasted by all the demonstrators/participants for no real gain, except bragging rights by each. Every outfit will exaggerate their numbers, and the JVP are past masters at making 100 look like a thousand, because they march in formation leaving a long space in between each.

Thankfully NO direct public money will be spent, but in this game of smoke and mirrors it is ALL indirect public money, as the public pays in the end when it comes to WASTE. NO ONE will waste his hard earned money on a May Day rally! Meant just for BORU SHOW

Of course this is a fashion parade, with politicians of the same side, competing with Caps, T shirts, Saris, Banners, Placards and NOISE! They will try to fill as many buses, and all of them will come with plenty of space, as they want to say they brought so many buses (not with 55 as capacity, but with 25 in each!)

They will fundraise from party supporters, who seek POLITICAL favors, and remember these political favors come at a price to the PUBLIC, so the public pays in the end. None spends 200,000 for nothing in return. Some are donating 1,000 saris but in reality only 100 women will come and you may ask what happened to the other 900 saris, that is called guess who is the crookedest!

People who have NOT had anything so far for being supporters cannot be persuaded to come unless it is worth their while to waste their day or two days in some cases! So it is all meals provided, a payment of Rs1,000 and half a bottle of arrack to boot to make this trip. What do these people get for all that? not even a mention or thanks for their participation!  

In the end those who in fact turn up are treated worse than cattle. They are told to stand for hours until it is their turn to march for the next 3 km! they walk and they walk, stop and start, with most of the time stopped! By the time they get to the location, it is full, and they cannot go in or sit down, as the smartest set would have already taken their seats long before, these are not party supporters, but Columbians from theColombo Watte’s wanting a freebie, and NO ONE dare throw them out.

2,000 buses commandeered for what? To run on imported diesel, none of them workers, as it is the “KAMKARU DINAYA” The workers are far too tired from a week of work to demonstrate on their day off, so it is the political hacks who don’t want to work who have HIJACKED MAY DAY from the workers whose toil should be appreciated, and remembered on this special day that has been basterdized by the Sri Lankan Political Mafia for their own ends. 


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