Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Electricity – the debate continues to come to the root of the blame – no one will own up to their complicity!

Taking words from the link below as being the most important passage, the whole article should be read to understand some of the historical background.
Is it because our professionals and decision makers do not have the competence to evaluate the suitability of these power plants and make a selection meeting their specifications, or are they under pressure to accept whatever a third party offers for other reasons? Norochcholai was the first. The second is Sampur, where the Indians twisted our arms to accept a coal plant of their choice which is even inferior to the Norochcholai plant, according to its EIA report. A third is on the way from Japan, again a plant of their choice and not ours. In all these cases, Sri Lanka has been taken for a ride, sadly with the connivance of our decision makers.

Before anyone in the electricity sector tries to blame the environmentalists for delaying power projects, they should look inwards and see for themselves whether they have done their part right. From the foregoing it becomes obvious that the environmentalists had no say in cancelling calls for EOIs not once, but three times, or withdrawing the non-coal options which were the main reasons for the current situation in the electricity sector.

In a country where we have yet NOT been able to put National Interest above personal, most decisions that are made are actually made against the interests of the citizens of Sri Lanka. When we have to import coal to run a coal fired power station, and when Countries that have their own UNLIMITED coal supplies are shutting down their Coal Power Stations, why are we still allowing ourselves to be taken for a ride, by others?

The answer is easy, it is greed that allows our decision makers to be simply bought for cash, pure and simple. We have people in high places due to their ability to put professionalism aside, and pander to the whims of a politician which a true professional will NOT allow himself to be so taken!

We have NO other option, that replace the caliber of person, in high office in these institutions, and also the people who currently enter politics, with a system that is completely different, that nurtures, values, patriotism, and concern for the future sustainability first of the Island, and secondly of the Globe.

Only then will decisions be made in the interests of a sustainable environment, and only then will future generations, appreciate the immense sacrifice, sometimes at considerable risk, to press action in the public good, that will not give a personal return to the soldier on the front line for his Country and its Environment.                                     

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