Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mr President – it is your call to recommend Wickremaratne to IGP

Two jokers behaving like schoolchildren are still vying for the IGP stakes when the present incumbent leaves office on April 12th!

Whatever their (the jokers, Wickremasinghe, and Jayasundera’s) abilities are if you look at the post appointment scenario, the Police Force will be divided, at a time they should be strengthened and NOT weakened as it WILL BE, if one of the two are appointed.

My recommendation is the third candidate who has a few more years to run, but who is not implicated in any obvious misdeeds whilst holding his post, and as a relatively younger Police Officer will be able to show by EXAMPLE that the Police will give “ability over seniority” a place in promotion, paving the way for a future IGP in his 30s to completely turn around the Police Force into an effective law enforcement organization, worthy of respect from its current disgraced legacy, enabling not only good governance, but the PUBLIC TRUST an essential ingredient of the police force that is currently NOT prioritized.

I am sure the President will take this bold step, by interviewing Wickremaratne personally and telling him the importance of the Police in both “yahapalanaya” and his expectations of a change in the attitude of the police to do the job as defenders of the people, and not as currently all pervasive attackers of the innocent.

I am sure a considered undertaking made privately on a personal level with the interests of the Country at heart, will persuade the President that this is the only real option if he is to expect a sea change in attitude within the force, that is desperately required.

I hope therefore he will have the courage of his convictions to do so, retire the more senior people from the force and send them to Siberia, to some security office post in a foreign mission prior to their retirement, if they don’t take early retirement on full pay till they reach retiring age.

Frankly the outcome of this current race will determine the caliber of out President, and if he can make independent decisions and take responsibility for those decision himself, and be able to motivate those who he assigns important tasks, to perform to expectation when he (the President) puts his faith on the line that the appointee will come up trumps in the end, despite the lack of faith at present by those who cannot think outside the box. 

I hope the pending decision will be after reading my personal plea!!

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